President Message

IRIM is pursuing the long-awaited passing of the Foresters Bill. This issue is now my highest priority for IRIM.  Until we get the Bill through, IRIM remains restricted in its functions to uplift the forestry profession in this country.  One such example is to develop an oversight and field auditing mechanism as a way of assisting the government in ensuring high work performance in the field.  After all, the forests’ future rests heavily on what happens on the ground today.

First and foremost I would like take this opportunity to thank all members for entrusting me to lead IRIM as the President for the session of 2012 – 2013. As the Director General of Forestry, Peninsular Malaysia as well as the President of IRIM, I find it a great challenge to strike a balance in order to fulfill the aspirations of IRIM as a professional body in forestry.

I always believe when members work as one, great things can happen.  Together, we can attain government’s recognition of IRIM early enough through the enactment.  This is critical as IRIM needs the backing of the Foresters Act to be fully effective. But it is also important that IRIM has the strength. I call upon all members to do their part in the membership drive and help to keep the organization healthy financially.

Even under current situations, IRIM had already contributed usefully to forestry in several ways. IRIM can and should work towards projecting a positive image of forestry in this country.  It can help correct misperceptions by listening to the diverse concerns of the global civil society and where appropriate, make recommendations to the government for rectification. IRIM could also work towards initiating consultative processes among the Forestry Department, the timber industry, trade associations and environmental bodies to bring about greater understanding to minimize misplaced conceptions.  Forestry enhances its credibility when it is seen to be tackling problematic issues on the ground. Environmental and ecological problems are best handled in a transparent manner, where appropriate, with the cooperation of external parties. IRIM can play its part in identifying and analyzing those issues.  Efforts such as these will help to clear doubts and gain the public’s confidence.

I am confident IRIM can grow to be more visible as a professional body in this country than it is today. Let us build IRIM together, and work towards the interest of all members – all for the good of the nation’s forestry. 




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