Types of Construction Materials and Its Uses

The various types of materials used in construction are referred to as building materials. Wood, concrete, steel, cement, bricks, and metal are all common building materials. Engineers in the modern era use efficient mix and match techniques to find the best construction materials and build high-quality structures. The overall construction material selection is heavily influenced by the project’s scale and the effectiveness of the materials.

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In general, choosing the right type of construction material is critical to ensuring the building’s longevity and quality. Even if you hire the most skilled construction team but use low-quality construction materials, there is a good chance that problems will arise in the building.

Saving money is a major reason why people choose alternative construction materials. However, the long-term disadvantages of low-cost construction materials are far more dangerous than investing in high-quality materials. Click here to find out about construction materials malaysia.

Here are some of the types of construction materials:

  1. Natural materials
  • Natural building materials are those that have not been processed or have been processed minimally. Lumber and glass are two of the most common natural building materials. Similarly, mud, stone, and fibrous plants are frequently used in the construction of houses.
  • These three types of construction materials are now combined by construction teams to provide maximum strength and durability to buildings. Mud, for example, acts as natural insulation for buildings.
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  1. Fabric
  • The fabric was once widely used in the construction of tents. Fabric is now used in new construction techniques to create tensile architecture. Steel cable systems in large-scale buildings, particularly commercial plazas, also use fabric.
  1. Concrete
  • Concrete is a popular building material in Malaysia and around the world. Concrete is used in most commercial buildings and industrial areas because it gives the structures strength and durability. Concrete is essentially a composite material composed of cement and aggregate.
  • One thing to keep in mind about concrete is that it has a low tensile strength, so it is usually reinforced with steel rods or rebars. Furthermore, special emphasis is placed on reducing any air bubbles because they weaken the concrete.
  • As a result, it is critical for builders to carefully handle the process of pouring concrete in construction and to use vibrators to remove air bubbles.
  1. Cement
  • Cement composites are used to give buildings much-needed strength. They are now being used in 3D buildings.
  • Furthermore, the cement composites are now made of hydrated cement paste, which simplifies the binding process with wood, concrete, or other suitable construction material.
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  1. Clay and Mud
  • Clay and mud are natural building materials that modern builders use to create various types and styles of buildings while also bringing innovation and flexibility. In Malaysia, such construction material is frequently used in conjunction with other major building materials to improve overall construction quality.
  • Nowadays, a mechanical pneumatic compressor is used to process clay and improve soil quality. In addition, clay acts as a natural HVAC system in buildings. As a result, mud and clay are gaining popularity in the modern era.

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