What does a certified nursing assistant do?

As more older adults prefer to age in their own home and maintain some independence, their families must make decisions about how to organize care at home.

The need for home nursing service may arise after surgery and be planned for a period of time while the patient recovers. For people with chronic illnesses or hospice care, you may need long-term nursing service. Both services are classified as “Home Hospitalization”. Those who are passed from universiti pembantu perubatan di malaysia, able to do this job.

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In all of these cases, the first step is to contact a home care agency, where they will inform you of the appropriate options for your loved one.

In home health services there is usually a hierarchy that enables teamwork. Each professional is well determined what their functions are and the certified nursing assistant is a very important link in that chain.

Certified nursing assistant: roles

These healthcare professionals are also known as Certified Nursing Assistants. They work in different settings, such as sanatoriums, hospitals, clinics, government institutions, nursing homes, and at the home of patients through care agencies.

It is common to refer to “the” nursing assistants, because historically the female gender has always been the majority in this profession, but nowadays it is very common to see men studying or working as assistants or nurses in all the aforementioned areas. In the best home care agencies you will find perfectly trained staff of both sexes.

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A certified nursing assistant works under the supervision of a registered nurse and some of her duties are:

  • Evaluate the patient’s condition by monitoring vital signs, record all this data in a report or diary, read what your colleagues recorded, inform the nurse or doctor of any changes in those signs.
  • He administers treatments and medications: he cleans wounds and changes bandages, ensures oxygen supply, checks and maintains all the medical equipment necessary for his work.
  • Records all patient information from when they start work until they leave, and inform their supervisors if there is a change that could lead to an emergency.
  • Serve meals and help patients eat, according to instructions received by nurses or nutritionists.
  • Move prostrate patients to prevent pressure ulcer.
  • It takes care of the personal hygiene of the patient such as shaving, washing or bathing, dressing, or assisting patients who can do it themselves.
  • Helps family members care for the patient by introducing and teaching proper ways to lift, turn, and reposition the patient; connect the family with resources for additional help at home.
  • Maintains a safe and healthy environment for the patient following aseptic procedures; change of bedding, cleaning of the same, maintenance of kitchen and bathroom facilities, handling of personal laundry; maintaining security.
  • Maintains the continuity of the patient’s home care by documenting and communicating ongoing actions, irregularities, and needs in the patient diary to the next caregiver or certified nursing assistant.
  • Take samples of stool, urine or any material that is necessary for studies or laboratory analysis.
  • Move prostrate patients to prevent pressure ulcer.
  • Give medication rectally or orally.
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Move prostrate patients to prevent pressure ulcer.

It helps patients to do exercises that have been indicated by kinesiologists, doctors or that are part of the patient’s routine, always with prior consultation with the doctor.

These exercises can include cognitive activities in the case of rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Helps patients to move within the home or outside the home when needed.

Tips for Taking Care of Baby’s Teeth

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Are you a first-time mother? Yes, others say that there is no school for mothers to be and that’s right. It would seem like you will just know what to do once you become one. However, there are also times when learning beforehand can help, especially for new mothers since there is now so much information online. 

As we all know, teeth are quite important as they have crucial functions in many ways. They can affect not only the look of a person and his health as well. This is why there are now so many tips you can find online regarding this topic. 

So, how can you take care of your baby’s teeth? Here are some tips:

  • You might think that your babies have no set of teeth when born, but that is not the case really. They are already starting to develop even before the baby is still in your womb. They are just there hidden under the gums. 
  • Once the teeth will start to come out, there are usually some symptoms, considering the gums will also start to break. There might be some discomforts the baby will start to feel and of course, you will not know right away that the teeth are the reason. This is why around 6 months after the baby is born, you should start checking its gums. 
  • The baby might want to chew on something to relieve the discomfort it will feel because of the teeth starting to show up. You can buy some teething items from baby stores Malaysia as they only sell high-quality products. You will have peace of mind with them knowing what you use is safe for the baby. 
  • When your baby is teething, he will have discomforts in his gums. He might not feed as usual and he might cry more often as well. You can soothe his pain by rubbing a finger on his gums. You just need to make sure your finger is clean. 
  • When it comes to his foods, you should try to mush them more as he might feel pain when eating. You can try to give him something that is easier to chew on. 
  • Once a tooth is completely out, you should also clean it every now and then or maybe, once a day. You can buy a baby toothbrush from a reliable store. Yes, it should be a baby toothbrush so that the bristles are designed for their age. There will be times when a baby will not like the toothbrush. If that is the case with your baby, you can use a clean damp cloth or a gauze instead, to wipe the surroundings of each tooth. 
baby stores Malaysia

Taking care of a newborn is not as easy as it seems, considering it is still quite vulnerable. This is why you need to be always alert and most of all, you need to make sure that you will only use things that are designed for its age. 

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Tips When Playing Live Casino

What is a Live Casino?

Live Casino offers its players an exciting online experience with Live Dealers. A live casino game is conveyed via a live streaming video link, in real-time from a casino table. Other than that, it can also be streamed from brick-and-mortar casinos. Online players can bet on their computers and communicate with the dealer using the chat function. The interaction with the live dealers makes the player feel like they are on the casino floor. There are top live casino betting malaysia that uses a special camera to create virtual reality such as the high definition of Immersive Roulette. It brings them even closer to the real casino experience as the players can see the ball at close-range and in slow motion until it stops.

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The players can play live casino games, such as Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat, where they can interact with Live Dealers in quite the same way as at a physical casino. Live casino gives the player not only the chance to communicate only with a live dealer but also to play against online casino players from all over the globe. As a rule, online casino games prohibit the players to get in touch with other participants but in live casino games, they’ll be able to interact with any player at their table.

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Tips to Win Live Casino Games

Know when to Hold ‘em, Know when to Fold’em

For individuals who have ever played Blackjack before or have a rough idea of how to play the game, then you should know that it requires actions on every hand that is drawn from the shoe. Simply knowing how to play blackjack well can give you a big and large advantage. 

Banker Should be the Best Bet

When playing live baccarat, you are typically going to make the first bet. That should most commonly be on the banker. In most cases, the banker will win just over half of the time, around 53% of the time. To make sure that you don’t have an edge, they will add the 5% commission to take from the bet. 

In most scenarios, you should back the banker until it loses. Streaks happen a lot when playing baccarat so why not capitalise and make the most of it until you win big. Remember that if you are on a losing streak, immediately back out and try again.

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Play on a Single-Zero Wheel on Roulette

If you’ve played roulette a lot, you’ll know that typically, a roulette wheel will have numbers from 0 to 36 on them. A lot of wheels these days now utilise the double-zero wheel, where there are 0, 00, 1-36 numbers. 

Despite the fact that it gives you another betting option when placing straight-up bets, the house edge for the casino jumps from just 2.7% to 5.26% making it nearly twice as likely to break your winning streaks. Due to this, it would be recommended that you use a standard, 0-36 wheel with only a single zero

A Simple Guide To Consumer Property Types (Balakong)

There are different types of properties that have different purposes. Residential properties are for people who live in them, while commercial properties are for businesses and typically have higher rates of rents than residences. The most important difference between the two types of properties is the cost to purchase. Residential homes tend to be cheaper than commercial property. This can be because of the lack of land or location. Residential properties have a smaller demand on their value, which means they are usually easier to buy and sell.There are many different types of residential properties, including single family homes, two family homes, condominiums, and mobile homes. The main difference between these is that the former are owned by one person while the latter are typically owned by a someone who rents it out.


Residential properties can be very complex and confusing because they are given different names depending on the type of property. Some common residential property types are: single family homes, townhouses, apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, and more. There are a few main types of commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, and apartment buildings. There’s also industrial property that is dedicated to manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.

How property value is determined


Many factors contribute to determining a property’s value, including location, condition of the home and surrounding area, and amenities. In general, the sky is the limit for property values in one’s own home. People are often willing to pay more for their own homes than someone else’s because they know it better. When buying a Balakong property, most people think about how much the house is worth and how much they can pay for it. However, there is another factor that affects the value of a house: location. Some areas are more expensive than others. For example, New York City sells for $1,300 per square foot whereas Dallas sells for $600 per square foot.

Pros and Cons of buying a particular type of property

Buying a property can be a complicated process, and that’s why it’s important to have an understanding of the types of properties available in order to make sure you’re investing in something that’s worthwhile. There are so many different types of properties out there – including single-family homes, condos, houses with and without land, apartments, and more – that knowing what makes up each type is crucial to being able to determine which type might be right for you. The purchase of a property is a big decision. Purchasing a home can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before putting down your money, as there are many factors that can affect the cost of the property, such as location, condition, and size. Some of the benefits of buying a certain type property include convenience and luxury. In contrast, one disadvantage is that if you have to sell or refinance the house in the future, you may lose some money on the deal.

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Practical Usages for the best Non Stick Frying Pan

best non stick frying pan for sale malaysia

Investing in non-stick cookware may help you save time, improve the quality of your diet, and make it easier to prepare your own meals at home. We’re not saying it’ll change everything about your life, but it will probably make the things you do every day a little simpler and more pleasurable. What’s the matter? Let’s talk about the advantages of utilising nonstick utensils in the kitchen.

Healthy food may be prepared using nonstick pans.

Butter, oils, and other fats are often necessary to prevent food from sticking to pans made of stainless steel or any other material. There’s a chance that extra oil may be needed if the food absorbs the initial amount during cooking. Non-stick cookware makes it feasible to fry an egg, flip a pancake, and sauté veggies without using any oil at all. As a result, your meal has less calories and fat. Choosing the best non stick frying pan for sale malaysia is essential for this reason.

The risk of food sticking and burning is greatly reduced when using nonstick cookware.

Let’s get back to the sticking point. If you cook in a normal pan, food will stick quickly if you don’t use enough oil or fat, and it will burn quickly if you don’t pay attention to it. This will not improve your quality of life in any way.

Nonstick cookware is less likely to stick to food because of the technology employed to produce it. Nonstick pans are covered with ultra-durable DuramicTM nonstick material, which is the hardest nonstick substance in the world and has great release capabilities..

If this is the case, your meal is more likely to arrive hot and fresh, with no browning of either the food or the pan!

Cleanup is a snap when using nonstick cookware, which does not adhere to the pan.

best non stick frying pan for sale malaysia

When adhesion is reduced, there is less of a mess. The vast majority of nonstick pans may be cleaned by hand in a matter of minutes, without the need of soaking solution or dishwater. Because of this, dishwashers have the potential to not only ruin your cookware’s nonstick coating, but also alter its look.

You should always wash your nonstick pans right after after use in hot water with a little dish soap to maintain their quality and look. Allowing food to sit on the pan’s surface for an extended period of time has the potential to negatively impact the pan’s performance. Nonstick pans save you time once you’ve washed, dried, and stored your towels.

You’ll have more time for other things since nonstick cookware makes meal preparation and cleanup a breeze. For example, before cooking, do some study on foods that won’t stick to your pan. When it comes to making breakfast, nonstick cookware truly comes into its own.


Omelettes may also be cooked to perfection on nonstick pans. Some people require recipes for everything, and this one won’t stick to your pan like the others. Unlike pancakes, they are far less likely to be spilled. Are you afraid about using a large amount of oil to make fried items at home? If so, give this method a whirl for shallow-frying.

Look for The right Office in For the renting choices

It is up to the nature of your business to determine whether proximity to suppliers, competitors, or other businesses is necessary. It will also help you prioritize the facilities you need, such as a large reception area for offices with a high volume of clients, a private, quiet room where your employees can relax between work hours, or even a media theatre where you can hold large presentations and conferences, among other features.

In what part of town do I currently have an office?

A search for new office space suggests that your current location, infrastructure, design, size and pricing are all out of whack with your company’s needs (to name a few).

Determine what you want and what you don’t want in your new employment setting by doing a complete evaluation of your present workplace. For fitted office for lease in PJ you can have the right choices.

How much money am I willing to invest in this project?

It’s critical to figure out whether you want to grow and invest in a better workplace or if you need to shrink and save money by moving. To ensure you don’t go over your budget, it’s necessary to plan a budget with some wiggle room. It is important to remember that you do not want to wind up spending more money than you earn.

Do the math to figure out how much money you have leftover to spend. It is likely that the cost of obtaining a new office space will include more than just the actual lease and monthly utility costs; it may also include improvements, decorations, furniture, and other equipment.

Is there room for growth in my business?

Even if you have only a few employees, your company will grow in parallel with the growth of your business. If you’re looking for office space, think about its scalability and adaptability.

Is there enough space to accommodate more workstations and employees? Does it have the potential to develop in terms of its system? Is the building’s administration willing to allow renovations?

Think about a shorter lease with stipulations in your contract that give you first dibs on any adjacent space that comes on the market in the near future, if you can’t afford to expand your current location.

Do my most critical staff have the greatest possible access to this location?

This is the time to get the whole team on board. Inquiring about the best location for employees to go to and from work should be a priority for employers. People could look for another job in a better location if their commute is too long and expensive.

What is the company’s culture?

On Fridays, do you have a fun and energetic work environment? Do you allow your employees to bring their pets to work? Is there an official business culture where workers are expected to dress and act professionally at all times?

Last Words

Consider your company’s culture before deciding on a new location for your workplace. As a firm, you want your employees to feel that they’re working in an environment that reflects your organization’s values and ideals. Customers and potential workers will be able to see whether or not your business is successful when they visit your office.

About Vaccination Package for Newborns in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there is a vaccination package for newborns that includes six doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DPT) vaccine, three doses of polio vaccine, and two doses of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine. This vaccination package is recommended for all newborns in Malaysia, regardless of their geographic location or source of water.  It is also important to note that all babies in Malaysia receive a hepatitis B vaccine as part of their routine health check at 6 weeks old. Malaysia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that has a high rate of infant mortality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the infant mortality rate in Malaysia is estimated to be 141 per 1,000 live births. This is higher than the rates for Thailand (77) and Indonesia (101). 

 vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia.

To reduce infant mortality rates, the Malaysian government requires all pregnant women to receive a vaccination package that includes rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (DPT). The vaccine package is given to new mothers at least 28 days before they give birth.  Newborns who are not vaccinated against these diseases can develop serious illnesses, such as meningitis and pneumonia. Untreated meningitis can lead to death. Pneumonia can cause death within two weeks of developing pneumonia. In areas where DPT vaccine coverage is lower, other vaccines are offered as part of the vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia. These vaccines include hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), and rotavirus.

How to get a Baby Vaccine in Malaysia?

 vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia.

Malaysia offers a vaccination package for newborns. For babies up to one year old, the government provides three vaccines – diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough). The package also includes polio vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine. For babies over one year old, the government offers five vaccines: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio vaccine, and hepatitis B vaccine. Parents can choose which vaccines their baby receives based on the Malaysia Immunisation Schedule. The schedule is updated every two years and is available online or from your doctor. Parents can also get a copy of the schedule from the Department of Health. To get a baby vaccinated in Malaysia, parents must go to a health clinic or hospital during regular business hours. 

The clinic or hospital will then provide a vaccination certificate for the baby. If you cannot go to the clinic or hospital, you can get a vaccination certificate by mail.  The cost of getting a baby vaccinated in Malaysia is RM60 (US$13). This fee is paid by the parents and does not include the cost of the vaccine. You can also pay for vaccines using cash or credit card at most clinics and hospitals. If you’re pregnant and want to make sure your baby gets all the vaccines recommended for infants, your best bet is to get a vaccine package from your doctor or health clinic. The government of Malaysia recommends that all newborns receive five doses of various vaccines starting at 12 months old. Malaysia has a national vaccination program that covers a number of illnesses and diseases, including hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DPT), measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and varicella.


Dear Fellow Professional Foresters and Colleagues, 2017/2018

I take this opportunity to pen a few words with respect to the first issue of Buletin Rimbawan for the Year 2018. I wish to take this opportunity to convey my thanks to fellow IRIM Members for their confidence in electing me once again the President for the 3rd term to lead IRIM for the 2017/2018 session, during its recently concluded 35th Annual General Meeting which was held on the 2nd October, 2017 at the Dewan Damar Minyak, Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia. My sincere thanks to all those members who have worked diligently to ensure the success of this year’s AGM.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome on board all newly elected IRIM office bearers namely, the Vice Presidents I and II, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and the six Council Members. Similarly, I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to the previous IRIM’s office bearers who have sacrifice both their time and efforts in carrying out the IRIM’s activities.

As the newly elected IRIM President, it is my sincerely hope that IRIM will continue to remain relevant in tempo with current digital and e-commerce era. To do this, IRIM members need to inculcate an analytical mind-set, acceptance of multi-dimensional system thinking, embracing technological changes, acceptance of consensus building, and multi-stakeholders participation in efforts to gain traction and establish IRIM’s footprint in the local and international scene. IRIM on its part will continue to provide a platform through dialogue and colloquium to enable its members to share knowledge and be exposed to such approaches in the new era of competitiveness with global standards. It is also timely to pool our efforts temper with our professional resources to achieve what IRIM was set up to do.

Dr. David Chin Tuck Yuan, President
Institut Rimbawan Malaysia (IRIM)
Session 2018

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President Message

IRIM is pursuing the long-awaited passing of the Foresters Bill. This issue is now my highest priority for IRIM.  Until we get the Bill through, IRIM remains restricted in its functions to uplift the forestry profession in this country.  One such example is to develop an oversight and field auditing mechanism as a way of assisting the government in ensuring high work performance in the field.  After all, the forests’ future rests heavily on what happens on the ground today.

First and foremost I would like take this opportunity to thank all members for entrusting me to lead IRIM as the President for the session of 2012 – 2013. As the Director General of Forestry, Peninsular Malaysia as well as the President of IRIM, I find it a great challenge to strike a balance in order to fulfill the aspirations of IRIM as a professional body in forestry.

I always believe when members work as one, great things can happen.  Together, we can attain government’s recognition of IRIM early enough through the enactment.  This is critical as IRIM needs the backing of the Foresters Act to be fully effective. But it is also important that IRIM has the strength. I call upon all members to do their part in the membership drive and help to keep the organization healthy financially.

Even under current situations, IRIM had already contributed usefully to forestry in several ways. IRIM can and should work towards projecting a positive image of forestry in this country.  It can help correct misperceptions by listening to the diverse concerns of the global civil society and where appropriate, make recommendations to the government for rectification. IRIM could also work towards initiating consultative processes among the Forestry Department, the timber industry, trade associations and environmental bodies to bring about greater understanding to minimize misplaced conceptions.  Forestry enhances its credibility when it is seen to be tackling problematic issues on the ground. Environmental and ecological problems are best handled in a transparent manner, where appropriate, with the cooperation of external parties. IRIM can play its part in identifying and analyzing those issues.  Efforts such as these will help to clear doubts and gain the public’s confidence.

I am confident IRIM can grow to be more visible as a professional body in this country than it is today. Let us build IRIM together, and work towards the interest of all members – all for the good of the nation’s forestry. 




Pengumuman Penting


Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa IRIM telah menyiapkan deraf akhir cadangan ‘Forester Bill 2013’ untuk makluman dan perhatian Y. Bhg. Tan Sri/Dato’ Seri/Datuk/Dato’/Tuan/Puan. Sebagaimana maklum, cadangan Akta ini diadakan antara lain bertujuan untuk menubuhkan ‘Board of Foresters’ dan pendaftaran ‘foresters’. Sehingga kini tidak ada undang-undang atau peraturan untuk mendaftar, mengawal dan memantau aktiviti dan perlakuan badan atau individu yang menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti perhutanan di negara ini. Penilaian dan laporan perhutanan pada masa sekarang boleh dibuat samada oleh foresters dan non-foresters’. Oleh itu sudah sampai masanya satu undang-undang diadakan untuk menyelaraskan semua aktiviti perhutanan yang dijalankan secara yang lebih terancang dan profesional. IRIM juga yakin dengan adanya Forester Bill ini, ianya sekali gus akan dapat membantu Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia, Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah dan Jabatan Hutan Sarawak dalam meningkatkan keberkesanan dan pencapaian matlamat  pengurusan hutan secara berkekalan.

Sehubungan dengan itu, memandangkan keperluan mengadakan Akta ini merupakan satu keperluan yang agak mendesak dan telah lama berlarutan, pihak IRIM sangat berbesar hati dan berterima kasih supaya Y. Bhg. Tan Sri/Dato’ Seri/Datuk/Dato’/Tuan/Puan dapat memberikan ulasan dalam Majlis Konsultasi Dalaman Rang Undang-undang Rimbawan (Foresters Bill) yang akan diadakan seperti berikut:-

Program  : Majlis Konsultasi Dalaman, Rang Undang-undang Rimbawan, Institut Rimbawan Malaysia

Tarikh       : 28 November 2013 (Khamis)

Masa         : 8.30 pagi hingga 5.00 petang

Tempat   : Dewan Damar Minyak, Bangunan Damar Minyak, Ibu Pejabat Jab. Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia