You’re Not Cycling Right (Yet): The 6 Pieces of Advice Pro Cyclists Say You Should Know


benefits of biking

Cycling can be made a better activity done by a person through more practice, and every time you turn the pedals, your riding experience will improve a little. With one well-placed tip or nugget of wisdom, you will be able to achieve something that you would not have learned for years.


Muscle Sores and Fatigue

muscle soreThe best cycling is one that you do not hunch your shoulders, this helps in avoiding muscles sores and fatigue, you can tilt your head every few minutes for the purpose of staving off tight neck muscles. Cycling a road bike requires you to slide rearward or forward on the saddle, this assists in emphasizing different muscle groups, the method is useful when having a long climb since it gives the cyclist’s muscle a rest of the muscles will take over the work. As the cyclist moves forward, and accentuates the quadriceps, moving back will emphasize glutes and hamstrings.


Making Faster Sprints

There are easy ways one can free speed in a sprint, first the upper part of the cyclist has to have minimum movements as possible, in its place, and the back should serve as a fulcrum and the road bikes waying from one side to another beneath. To free speed, keep the shoulders behind the front wheel axle, having too much weight forward will make its hardtop handle causing the rear wheel to skip up into the air. The other method that can be used to free speed is to pull on the bar with a rowing motion that will counter the power of the rider’s leg, this will help transfer the available energy to the pedals instead of transferring the movement into wastage.

Sprint with formal pro-sprinter Marcel Wüst


High Speed Riding

The hand position has to be change periodically, this can be done by grasping the drops for descents or when riding at high speeds, for relaxed cruising, a rider can hold the brake-lever. During long climbs, the top of the bar can be held to sit in an upright position then open the chest to have easier breathing.


Favorable Riding Style

The width of the handlebar has to be equal to that of the shoulder, with a wider bar, the chest will be open for breathing, while a narrow bar give way for more aerodynamic. A rider has to pic a handlebar that will favour his riding style, and therefore, the angle of the bar has to be positioned at the bottom because a flat position will be parallel to the ground, or point slightly towards the rear hub.


Keeping a Clear Vision

It is better to ride while not staring the rear wheel you are following while in a pace line, instead, keep the peripheral vision tab as you look a couple of rides ahead to see what other riders are doing. This makes you as a rider to be prepared in case something happens that will make them veer or change the speed.


Riding in Rainstorm

riding on rain


When there is a rainstorm, you have to be extra cautious the first ten minutes, especially when oil and dust float on the surface of the pavement and they have not yet washed away. Painted road lines or steel surfaces often get slippery when it rains, you should stay treacherous until the road dries up completely.



It is evident that cycling is much enjoyable and a healthy way a person can travel and experience outdoor. If cycling is done vigorously, the heart and the circulatory system will have a workout and some calories will be burnt. New bicycles have been developed, and it can to combine the speed of a road bike together with the ruggedness found in mountain bikes. You can even consider owning a specialized road bike @ if you are passionate about cycling.



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