Your Guide to Choosing a Right VPS Hosting Service

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting plans entail physical segmentation of the server into several virtual machines. Every partition runs on its own independent bandwidth, disk space as well as operating system to ensure every user workstation is served. The benefits of VPS to a business include low operating cost, access to multi-tasking VPS control panel, centralized administration and privacy. VPS is cost efficient because it allows numerous websites to be hosted on the same server. The VPS control panel, on the other hand, makes it easy to perform software installations and management functions.

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Factors to consider when choosing a right VPS hosting service

1. Pick your VPS Environment
When choosing a VPS hosting service, you need to first identify your VPS environment; for example, Windows or Linux. Each of these environments have own unique set of benefits and limitations.

2. Level of Redundancy and Scalability
Redundancy and scalability are critical in ensuring high uptime and steady system performance. Redundancy as a critical backup plan can help you secure data using an alternative server in case of a power failure or system interruption. Scalability, on the other hand, is the system’s ability to handle unexpected or occasional increase in server loads.

3. VPS Monitoring; Managed Versus Unmanaged VPS Hosting
Under the unmanaged VPS hosting service, the entire server management is left in your hands. For this reason, a skilled personnel must be assigned the task of monitoring the system to ensure smooth operation. However, if you opt for a managed VPS hosting service, the VPS service provider will monitor the server system on your behalf.

4. Server Configuration and Related Features
Having the right server configurations can increase the speed and performance of your website. The other important hardware features to look out for include; the capacity of processor capacity, RAM size and disk size.

5. Cost of Service
Checking the pricing options offered by hosting providers is always a critical factor when choosing the right VPS. Most hosting services charge higher rates for managed server services which have high number of resources.

6. Customer Service Support and Trial Period
Picking a VPS hosting service with an efficient customer service is very crucial, especially when problems arise. A good VPS service should be available 24/7 to offer customer service support around the clock. You can also take advantage of the Free Trial offers provided by VPS hosting providers to evaluate different hosting services, before choosing one that is right for you.

VPS provides many benefits; from freedom and 24/7 service availability to having direct access to hardware, that plays host to your website. These benefits are critical in growing your website. However, when choosing the right VPS you must identify what actually fits your needs and requirements. One of the leading VPS providers in Malaysia is Gigabit. The company offers several web hosting services including managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting, Windows and Linux VPS and server co-location. To learn more about the company, go to

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