Why You Should Buy Teakwood Furniture

Teakwood furniture last longer with regular cleaning and care. Marks caused by water, scratches and food stains can make your beautiful furniture look less than perfect. The best way to care for your furniture is to use a gentle cleaner made especially for the finish. Take furniture look stylish and beautiful. You can purchase the best teak furniture online in Malaysia for reasonable prices.


Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?

The great thing about teak furniture is the fact that it offers beauty, elegance and durability. This tropical tree has been used for fine furniture for hundreds of years. Teak wood has a natural resistance to changing weather conditions, which make it an excellent choice for the outdoors. Most teak trees are 80 years old before they are harvested for their wood. It also has natural oils and rubber that make the wood stronger than other types used for furniture. These natural oils also protect the wood from rotting, parasites and fungi.

Why Buy Teakwood Furniture?


Teakwood Furniture Care

Indoor teakwood furniture does not need an oil treatment like outdoor furniture. Outdoor teakwood furniture will take on a silver appearance after several months. If you want to keep the natural honey color, then you will need to use a sealer after each regular cleaning. It is a great idea to purchase teakwood furniture cleaners and sealers when buying your furniture.

A regular cleaning will prevent the furniture from developing dirt that will make your furniture look dull. Use light sandpaper when trying to remove scratches and marks from teakwood furniture. If you care for your teakwood furniture, it will last for several decades.

DEMA Minutes “TIps for Teak Wood Maintenance”



How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

The first step to choosing outdoor furniture is to know your style. Look through home magazines to find your outdoor living style. You can easily duplicate the look by buying the same type of pieces in the photos. They do not have to be the same color, but the grouping should be similar. Thoughtful planning will save you time and money when designing your outdoor hardscape.
Think about the size of space that you need to entertain family and friends. For example, purchase enough seating to accommodate your guests around a fire pit as the focal point. Consider function, design and high quality woods such as teakwood. Plastic outdoor furniture will not look as elegant and beautiful as teakwood. The outdoor furniture you choose should be just as comfortable as your indoor furniture.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics. Storage chests and end tables make the area look appealing and comfortable. Fabric materials such as polyester fibers that resist moisture and mildew will keep your furniture looking elegant. They should also provide comfort for your guests and include designs that match the outdoor décor.

Choose seat cushions made out of durable and high-quality fabrics.

Seat cushions with the same patterns on the front and back are a great way to preserve the look. Lounge chairs and rockers are a great addition to regular chairs. Make sure you have an awning or umbrella to provide shade during hot, sunny days.

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