Why Are Luxury Watches So Expensive?


Made of strong material, luxury watches have a practical and timeless design people all over the world seek. It’s a life goal for a young watch enthusiast to one day own a Rolex or Patek Philippe watch; it serves as a sign that you’ve made it. However, when searching for luxury watches, one may be shocked to find Rolex prices so high. While luxury timepieces are expensive, here are five reasons proving that they are worth their price tag.1

  1. Luxury Watches are Indestructible

Have you ever seen a luxury watch commercial highlighting how the watch can withstand blazing heat or can be submerged thousands of meters underwater? It’s hard to believe, but Swiss watches are made to be indestructible. The Sinn UX diving watch can withstand up to 12,000 meters underwater, and the Omega Speedmaster was worn on the Moon in 1969. Swiss watchmakers assure durability through different tests, like in a pressurized water tank.2

  1. Luxury Watches are Crafted as a Work of Art

Swiss watchmakers invest heavily into research, engineering and in their crafts. Each and every watch is hand-assembled and tested to assure each piece and gear in the timepiece will work correctly for a lifetime. What’s more, the beauty of the inside must match the design of the watch exterior. Nothing escapes the attention of the best watchmakers. It may come as a surprise that a single watch can take up to one year to produce because of time and attention it’s given for perfect craftsmanship.3

  1. Luxury Watches are Comprised of the Best Material

Companies like Rolex and Omega have in-house gemologists who source, test and arrange gold, platinum, and other precious metals for an authentic and balanced timepiece. Swiss watchmakers only use top-notch materials found all over the world, partnering with world-class suppliers.4

  1. Luxury Watch Brands Offer Lifetime Service

Luxury timepieces are built to last a lifetime, and the ample serviceability drives this. Rolex, IWC and Tag Heuer have service centers in the major cities around the world. Authorized service centers assure that you’re offered impeccable service to maintain the performance, reliability, and appearance of your timepiece.5

  1. Luxury Watches are an Investment

Luxury watch brands invest a lot in building their name, history, guaranteeing only the highest quality and performance with their products. Luxury watches can be passed down from generation to generation and only gets more valuable with time. It’s an investment.

A price tag of a luxury watch may shock some people. But considering that these watches are made with perfection in mind by the best crafters, the price is justified. It’s not only about showing a particular status, but it’s more about having a work of art on your wrist.

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