Web Hosting and Servers: Choosing The Right Web Service

When you need to use a web service such as web hosting or a web server, there are several options to consider. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, one service might fit your need and budget more than another. Knowing the difference between these services can save a lot of headaches and time.

Web Hosting

Web hosting services are for when you or your company need an official website up and running 24/7, easily accessed from anywhere on the internet. These services specialize in hosting websites, and cut most costs and technicalities of running a website by typically having data centres full of dedicated servers for clients to rent. Web hosting services can also provide additional space within their data centres for colocation services.

If you’re only looking to host a website, and don’t need a server for any additional services, web hosting is the most cost efficient and direct route to go. Web hosting companies may also provide server colocation space within their data centres if you need it.

Server Colocation

Server colocation services are for when your company needs a group of connected servers. Colocation allows you to rent out blocks of computers within a data centre, varying depending on your size and need. Colocation provides a safe and efficient way for constant connectivity and data housing.

Benefits of Colocation


  • Efficient routing of space and power — The servers are arranged efficiently withing a managed data centre for optimal performance and cost efficiency.


  • Managed by professionals — Servers are managed by experts to ensure technical problems are avoided or dealt with quickly and appropriately.


  • Upgrading is made easy — As your company grows, you may need more servers to compensate. With colocation, you can rent out additional space within the data centre.



Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a server that shares its hardware and resources with other customers. Virtual private servers run instances of internet connected operating systems and give customers complete control to run any software they’d like. Virtual private servers may be offered additionally by web hosting companies, and virtual private servers themselves can be used for web hosting.

If you need additional control for your web server, virtual private servers are worth considering. It is worth noting that performance may vary as the server’s resources are shared.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server, like a virtual private server, allows you complete control over the operating system. You may run any software or operating system you wish on a dedicated server. Unlike a virtual private server, dedicated servers are not shared with anyone else.

Because dedicated servers are not shared, they tend to be much more costly than virtual private servers. They are generally more for IT professionals for their power and technical knowledge required.

Choosing What’s Right

Web services give you many options for what you’re trying to accomplish. Consider what each offer to choose what’s right for you.


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