Unlimited Ways to Use PP Sheets


PP stands for polypropylene or polypropene. It’s a very versatile form of plastic, rugged and resistant to damage, yet flexible. When it’s not coloured, it can be made translucent. However, it is most often an opaque, solid colour or pigments are used to create it in various colours. It was first created by Philips Petroleum in 1951. It’s the second most useful and important kind of plastic in the world. Experts forecast PP will sell $145 billion by 2019.


PP sheets are strong but lightweight. They have hard, smooth surfaces. It’s machinable, and it acts as a form of insulation to heat and electricity. Often it can be machined just like wood. It can be cut with a table saw or a band saw. It can also be drilled and sanded by hand. It works sort of like soft wood. It doesn’t hold screws as well, but it’s more stable during changes in temperature and humidity. It can be painted, but should be roughened with sandpaper first, because the paint doesn’t adhere well to its smooth surface.

Some uses that people have found for various kinds and grades of PP sheets;

* To separate pressed guitar side moulds

* To support braces for houses or other small buildings

* As acrylic skins for art projects. The PP sheets are a work surface used to transfer gels.

* As a palette for acrylic paints

* To insulate transponder metal from the aluminium hull of a boat. It prevents electrolysis and absorbs sounds.

* As a mounting surface to build an LED fixture for an aquarium

* To mount fish transducers on the transom of a boat

* As skids for a snow blower

* As runners for crosscut sleds

* To replace the plastic sheet behind car doors to keep out water

* To line speakers to keep out moisture

* As shelves for a wooden medicine chest in a bathroom

* As slides for a skylight closure panel

* As a lid for a vacuum chamber

* As a mounting plate to install battery disconnect switches in a boat

* Spacers for the suspension of a Subaru

* As a backboard for working with leather, when you use utility, round-blade and other leatherworking knives

* To correct poor alignment between home alarm systems

* As a cutting board

* Put under a toilet to make it level with the flange

* As a bracket for a sailboat

* To make shell plate for a Dillon case feeder

* As the base for a cheese feeder

* As the false bottom for a mash tun

* To create a large, comic iTunes card

* As a punch surface to protect table surfaces when punching circles from felt and foam

* To make fishing rod holders in a locker box for rods

* As a bedboard for a Woodmaster molding machine

* To patch a leak in an airplane’s fuel tank

* To replace a rudder board on a petal boat


The possible uses for polypropylene sheets is endless. They can be put to use to build items for people’s houses, their cars, their airplanes and their boats. They can be used by artists, leather workers, crafts people and people comfortable making items with home machinery.


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