Trending Now: Why Parents Send Their Kids to Boarding Schools

Choosing which school parents send their kid/s to is indeed a vital decision to make. With more and more considerations to think of such as the cost of tuition fees, the image of the school, their child’s preference, parents must not forget this significant part as well: their child’s safety and security.

One tough part that parents and their children must settle before moving forward to their academic paths is whether a boarding school is far off better than going into a regular day public or private school. In Malaysia, there is an increasing number of boarding schools with the establishment of more independent international schools located in Penang, Johor and the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.


Primarily speaking, while boarding schools may cater to the upper classes, some middle-class parents also consider sending their kids to boarding schools because of the many advantages. Generally speaking, children who attend boarding schools get a high exposure to different types of people, while their experiences acquired in boarding schools teach them independence, practicability, and critical thinking.


Here are more reasons why more and more parents let their kids attend a boarding school in Malaysia:


  1. Better education system

Boarding schools usually have limited number of students. Equipped with highly competent teachers, boarding schools offer kids a greater scope of academic and even non-academic programs and activities. In fact, these schools ensure complete immersion in academia and sports through a comprehensive and regular monitoring and guidance activities for their students.


  1. Kids become more responsible for themselves

Since students enrolled in boarding schools are left alone with the school administrators and their fellow schoolmates, they are also subjected to stricter rules and regulations, making them more responsible for themselves. The responsibility gives them the right amount of independence to practice making their own decisions within the context of their school. They also learn how to prioritize and to become prudent individuals.


  1. Better sports and arts facilities

Boarding schools are also famous for sports and arts programs, which make them popular choices for kids interested in these activities. Regular schools tend to focus more on academics, and those who are considered as “gifted” in these areas are often snuffed out in day schools. For kids who are inclined to sports and arts such as ballet, theater, and music, boarding schools offering these specialized programs are the best choice.


Education is one of the most crucial things parents provide for their kids. Choosing the right school for them is definitely the deciding factor for the success of these young people. Parents must always put in mind that in the choice of the right school, what is important is what suits their children entirely.

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