Traveling on a Tight Budget – 6 Ways to Cut Back on Travel Expenses This 2017

Everyone wants to travel, but very few want to spend for it. Because making your way to and through a new destination can be heavy on the pocket, lots of people skip out on the chance to see and experience new sights and sounds. According to recent statistics, an estimated 25 million people travel through Malaysia on a yearly basis. However, not all of these travelers are able to maximize their money’s worth. If you’re looking for ways to travel on a tight budget, this short list of helpful tips should help you save up.


  1. Plan Ahead – There is never any way to anticipate problems that might occur during your travel and often, these can cause travelers to spend more. Be sure to plan ahead to prepare yourself well enough for any roadblocks and prevent spending on unnecessary expenses like food and accommodations. For instance, if you plan to travel through Malaysia by train, it’s important that you check the KTM timetable online before you head out so you know exactly how much you should have in your pockets while waiting for your ride.


  1. Book in Advance – Hotel rates and airfares are a lot more affordable if you book them in advance. If you’re sure of the dates for your travel, book ahead and make reservations for both accommodations and flights to take advantage of cheaper travel costs.


  1. Use a Credit Card – If you have a credit card that offers travel rewards, try to purchase all the necessities for your trip with that specific card. This will earn you more points and grant you more rewards that you can claim later on. Some credit cards, when used for plane tickets and hotel reservations, also offer coverage for delays and problems you might experience with your flight or hotel.


  1. Schedule Your Trip – Off season travel is often much less expensive as hotels, travel companies, and even tourist attractions lower their rates to attract more customers. Know when your destination is off-season in terms of tourism and try to clear out your schedule for then.


  1. Rent a Car – Instead of taking taxis to all the different locations you plan to visit, consider renting a car in the first city you arrive at. This will make it easier for you to travel at your own pace, and will prevent any opportunistic taxi drivers from taking advantage of your lack of commute cost knowledge.


  1. Get a Guide – Often, different countries have tour guides that will gladly offer you their services for free just so they can practice their English speaking skills. Consider getting a local to help you navigate so you don’t end up overspending on attractions and souvenirs that might not maximize your budget.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Be sure to remember these 6 easy and simple tips to help you make your way through your chosen destination without having to break the bank.

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