Traffic Advisory for Drivers and Commuters During Hari Merdeka 2016

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Hari Merdeka, also Malaysia’s Independence Day, usually occurs on 31st August every year. It’s a national holiday event and among the most celebrated huge events in Malaysia. Consequently, every year the Merdeka Square is usually crowded with an avalanche crowd excited because of the sweeping freedom they’ve enjoyed so far, ever since the country stopped being under the rule of the British regime.


Because Merdeka is such a big celebration, some of the major roads are usually closed, which also means to commute around the country using any kind of public transportation sometimes can be fatal. And because Merdeka big occasion is around the corner, it would be great for people to start planning their journey as soon as possible by checking out the most up-to-date LRT or KTM schedule online for ease of convenience.

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All the same, to make your commute endeavors around Malaysia become much pleasant in this coming huge Merdeka occasion, follow the tips shared on this guide and you’re sure to reach your destination within the country safely.


1)            About 18 routes around Merdeka Square are usually closed — Jalan Kinabalu/ Jalan Kuching/ Bulatan Dato Onn; Bulatan Dato Onn; Jalan Hishamuddin/ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Raja (Dataran Merdeka), etc.


2)            Only those people on duty during Merdeka Day can actually have access permission to the surrounding areas of Merdeka square, and thus important to find other routes pertaining to your destination.


3)            During Merdeka day, majority of the public transport usually push their services to the night, at the RapidKL bus, LRT, KTM and Monorail — all of which usually operate up to 1AM, instead of the usual 11pm.


4)            Each and every public transportation usually connect to each other, which means people can easily find a commute service while using another as they wish.


5)            During peak hours about 6PM-9PM, 6AM-9AM and about 2PM-3PM – it’s important not to commute anywhere, as at these times majority of the major roads around the country are usually crowded with an avalanche of people than usual.



In order for people not to get caught in the crowd, like many people do in most Merdeka occasions, it’s important to plan your journey early. Consequently, following this guide will make your commute endeavors around Malaysia much pleasant, especially now that the huge Hari Merdeka occasion is around the corner. More importantly, make sure you and your loved ones have a splendid Hari Merdeka holiday as you all reach your destination safely!

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