Top 6 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Myths


Ultimate Team is an optional component of EA Sports FIFA, a popular football franchise. Rather than control a true-to-life team, FUT gives you the chance to build an all-star squad that you use to compete against other players. Team building occurs through the acquisition of trading cards, which you can spend real money on, and that aspect has led to some prevalent myths that simply aren’t true.


1. There’s No Skill Involved 

Players being able to purchase an unlimited number of player packs has led some to the conclusion that it eliminates skill altogether, but this isn’t true. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team pack purchases provide diminishing returns with each purchase, and if a player wants to compete for best overall team, they still have to take that squad onto the virtual pitch and win games against other good players.


2. Success Requires a Large Financial Investment 

Your FIFA 16 gameplay skill is a much bigger determinant of success than your ability to spend real money on additional card packs. Additional card packs can help, particularly if you have a lot of disposable income, but there are other core ways to earn cards. Every time you win or lose, you earn coins that you can spend on either packs or in the trading market.


3. EA Forces You to Purchase Packs 

Every season, there are people high on the leaderboards that spent far less than the community average. Keep in mind that you’re essentially earning cards every time you play an Ultimate match, and you can trade your duplicates in order to do more with the resources you do have.

4. Trading Is a Waste of Time 

Trading is arguably the most efficient way to build a team, but some dismiss it because it’s not as easy as simply purchasing another pack. If you take some time to learn the market, you can apply real-world economic strategies that let you generate a return on the coins you earn playing matches.

5.Points Yield Better Pack Pulls than Coins 

This one is a popular legend. EA makes more when you pay for FIFA Points, so naturally card packs purchased with points yield better than those purchased with in-game coins. Except that it isn’t true. The FIFA 16 system used to generate and deliver packs is the same regardless of how you purchase them.

6. Gamers Have to Be Near Their Consoles or PCs 

A final common misconception is that you need access to your Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4 in order to monitor the trade market, which provides an advantage to people who are home all day. The truth is that EA has a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team app that supports most mobile devices.

A Better Ultimate Experience 

Many gamers spend real money on FUT in order to enhance their experience. You may get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re prepared for unlucky pulls too. It’s a good idea to set boundaries, and some players like to do that by limiting in-game purchases based on their actual playing time.


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