Top 5 Construction Jobs You Can Apply

Contrary to popular belief, the construction industry is still going forward despite the economic instability. Though the availability of construction jobs depend mostly on the economy’s fluctuations, construction workers with years of experience stand a better chance of finding a job. For those with the right qualification and experience, there’s a hidden possibility of career advancement that could earn you thousands as you move up the ladder. If you’ve been thinking of applying for construction jobs, check out these top five jobs in the industry:


  1. Construction Manager – Don’t believe the myth that says that those who work in this industry can’t make money or move up the career ladder. This job could earn you a six-figure salary a month, and requires you to plan, budget and manage a construction project. To be a construction manager, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, building science, construction science, or other related field. For those with a diploma, you also need to have years of experience in order to qualify for this role. Some of the skills that you should have include strong communication skills, managerial skills, and analytical or problem-solving skills.glazier
  2. Glazier –  As a glazier, your role is to remove, seal, fasten, install, and cut glass for skylights, storefronts, and windows. Most glaziers normally work in areas that include building exteriors, structure, and foundation. However, there are a growing number of glaziers working for indoor projects as well. To become a glazier, a high qualification isn’t really necessary, though having some experiences might help.spraying-cement1
  3. Concrete Finisher and Cement Mason – Many construction projects have a common foundation, which is concrete. This makes a concrete finisher and cement mason crucial in this industry. The jobs normally involve you installing reinforcing materials like rebar, pouring a mixture of cement and spreading and leveling it, and also monitoring the mixture’s hardening process before applying sealants. These roles don’t require a high qualification, but it’s better if you learn your trade by undergoing an apprenticeship or taking masonry-related courses.8-brickmason-blockmason-stonemason-and-tile-and-marble-setter-helpers
  4. Blockmason and Brickmason – Stones and bricks have become expensive materials, but they’re still on-demand. These materials need skilled masons to lay them properly. While a high qualification isn’t necessary, it helps to undergo a formal masonry training or apprenticeship. Alternatively, you can also learn the basics of masonry on the job.smiling-construction-job-849x565
  5. Construction Worker – While a construction worker earns the least in this industry, you get to learn everything hands-on which could give you an upper-hand should you decide to move up the career ladder in this industry. You can become a construction worker with no qualification or experience, though you have to work extra hard to progress in your career. Part of your daily tasks may include assisting with unloading and loading materials, site clean-up, operating equipment, digging ditches, and making measurements. Becoming a construction worker could also give you an idea of what you actually prefer to do in this line of work, since you work on pretty much everything.

To work in the construction industry, you can’t be afraid of heights, especially when you have to work on site. You have to endure any discomfort on a daily basis, including hot weather and strong wind. You also have to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings all the time to avoid fatal accidents on site.

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