Top 5 Budget-Friendly Hotels In Kulim City

Every time you are about to hunt for a superb budget-friendly place to visit, Malaysia should always be among your top priority all the time. The country has bustling cities, diverse array of food options and, above all, friendly people. Also based in Malaysia, Kulim city is another vibrant city worth mentioning, a city where people can easily find some decent array of convenient hotels to book and stay anytime they need some accommodation—and most of these hotels are even budget-friendly for your string purse and wallet, too. They are all packed with spacious rooms, most of them have fast Wi-Fi connection, and are also near convenient stores where you can easily access a bank, do shopping or simply, go out for a walk. Because some hotels in Kulim city are more expensive compared with others, below is a summary of the top 5 budget-friendly hotels around Kulim city which you can book anytime you need decent accommodation—all at a fair price.


1)         Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya Penang

Many people love this hotel because it’s quite safe, clean, near a convenient location, and it’s a great value-for-money too. Look to enjoy a lovely night in spacious quality rooms which are packed with very warm, cozy beddings to ensure that all your night sleep is well catered for. In the morning, let your mind be blown away by the stunning views that sweep the city while sipping a fresh cup of coffee from your room’s window. Other than Sunway hotel’s rooms being rather spacious and comfy, the hotel lacks a parking area where people can park their vehicles nonetheless.



2)         E-Red Hotel Penang

This is definitely an ideal place people should book every time they are looking to enjoy a fabulous night. E-Red Hotel acquires most of its appeal from the fact that, it’s located only a walk away from the Carnival City Mall where people can easily access banks every time they run out of cash. The hotel is also very affordable, to say the least. The downside of this hotel is that breakfast is not catered for, but this shouldn’t worry you much because you’ll find a couple of restaurants dotted around in which you can fill your stomach anytime.


3)         Golden Wheel Hotel

This is another value-for-money hotel and you will definitely love it for its plush spacious rooms, expansive bathtub, comfy bed and pillows. Each room has an LCD TV in place, meaning you’re not likely to miss your favorite episodes. And each room is also Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can chat with friends and loved ones anytime you get lonely or feel homesick. Make sure you change the blankets to a comforter in case the weather becomes cold and chilly.


4)         Ixora Hotel

One thing that will make you love and be in awe with this fabulous hotel is that its staff is very friendly towards clients. At the customer’s care desk, be ready to be welcomed with a warm greeting, though in a local accent, such as “Seha” or “Shamu” or “Nadea” and “Sri”, to mention a few. Also, breakfast here is such a good spread and dinner is superb, too. Above all else, the hotel management should better do something about their Wi-Fi. It’s quite slow than usual, apart from this everything else is splendid!


5)         Aroma Hotel

And lastly, Aroma hotel is another fabulous hotel where you can check in anytime you want to pass the night. It’s such a convenient stay and also good in terms of price. More so, its rooms are quite spacious, very clean, and contain fast Wi-Fi.  Also, around the surrounding areas you will spectacle a rich array of restaurants, pubs, malls, and massage centers which you can splurge on anytime you want to relax. Something else that makes this classic hotel a value-for-money property is that it’s just 500 meters away from the serene Penang Island. It also has good house keeping staff, too.


In a nutshell, anytime you happen to find yourself hanging around Kulim’s magical city and need a place to pass the night, make sure you check out the hotels listed above. All of these hotels are very budget-friendly, located near convenient stores, quite spacious and clean, Wi-Fi enabled and more—all tailored to ensure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest. More so, all of these hotels are located within a short radius from Kulim city about 10-15 miles away, so you shouldn’t worry about missing a flight at any particular time. All the same, make sure you pay these hotels a visit anytime you need decent accommodation. What makes these hotels even super-cool is that you can enjoy their stay even while on a budget. Give them a try, you’ll love them big-time and maybe even find yourself visiting Kulim city more and more!

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