Top 5 Best Benefits Of Using Bulk SMS For Businesses


Thanks to technology, there are now more forms of marketing to choose from. Between traditional marketing and digital marketing, the latter has been proven to be faster and more cost-effective. One of the most popular forms of digital marketing is sending bulk SMS. Here are the top five benefits and reasons why using bulk SMS for businesses is getting more popular:personalization-of-a-website-1

  1. Personalization


SMS messages can be personalized based on the demographics and previous purchasing behavior of the customer. Moreover, the SMS can be location-based and individually sculpted according to different regions (or countries) and stores. The personalization options are endless and with almost no extra cost.

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  1. Highly targeted messages


Sending out messages randomly to random people is a thing of the past. Not only can that be a waste of money, it will make businesses lose potential customers since untargeted messages are intrusive and annoying. Today, bulk SMS is permission-based, which means the recipients already give their consent to receiving the messages and have a relationship to said businesses. Business owners have a better chance at increasing sales by reselling to existing customers.16378493_s

  1. High ROI and low cost


Traditional marketing relies heavily on direct mail, outdoor advertising, telemarketing, broadcast media (i.e. radio or TV ads), and printed media (i.e. brochures or newspaper ads); these can all be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive particularly for startups. But for as little as $30, businesses can easily reach out to about 1,000 audience and more within minutes and interact directly with them through digital marketing.84120653

  1. Flexibility and speed


The modern business world is fluid, and businesses must always keep up with the times by being adaptable and flexible to the changing landscape to survive on the market. Promotional campaigns can now be delivered within minutes to the target audience thanks to the zero lead time of SMS marketing. email-marketing-success-862x576

  1. Fast open rates


SMS marketing is often opened and read by the recipients within five seconds, compared to marketing campaigns on email. Moreover, the average time for recipients to open email marketing is two days. Business owners who want to have their messages seen immediately by a high percentage of the audience should opt for bulk SMS marketing.

Many businesses and organizations seek bulk SMS service for transactional and promotional purposes. With the added benefits of personalization, highly targeted messages, high ROI and low cost, flexibility and speed, as well as open rates, retaining customer’s loyalty and increasing sales and brand awareness have never been easier and effective.

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