Top 4 Signs That It Is Time to Purchase a New Bicycle

Many major brands of bicycles are incredibly durable. They can last for years or decades with maintenance. It is important to understand that all bikes eventually get to a point where they are no longer useful. Holding on to an old or damaged bike is not always safe or smart. Several signs will clearly show that it is finally time to purchase a new bicycle.

The Frame Shows Visible Signs of Damage or Corrosion

You are likely going to have to get a new bike if the frame is showing visible signs of damage or corrosion. The damage could be holes, gashes or even entire areas that seem to have worn down to nothing. Corrosion can appear on frames because of the underlying material, rusted bolts or other items mounted to the surface. A large amount of corrosion is never a good sign especially on the forks. If your frame looks damaged or corroded, then get a new bike soon.


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The Brakes and Gears Will No Longer Work Properly

Something that can be a sign of major problems with an older bike is when the brakes and gears stop working properly. The brakes might have no stopping power anymore or could be permanently jammed. The gears might not shift correctly or could change randomly. If you have tried to fix these problems but they keep occurring, then there could be fundamental issues with the bicycle itself that cannot be repaired. You should get a new bicycle as soon as possible in order to remain safe while cycling.


The Bike Does Not Fit You Anymore

Many different factors can cause a bike to stop being the right fit for a rider. This can happen over the course of many years. A bike that is the wrong height can potentially be very dangerous. Riding that bike could lead to muscle injuries, serious falls and collisions due to a lack of control. The best course of action is to find a retailer that does bicycle buy and sell online to get money for your current cycle and purchase a new one all at one time. Selling your old bike online will lower the cost of a new one.

You Have Trouble Controlling the Bike

A very serious problem is if you start to consistently have trouble controlling or steering the bike. This can be caused by many things. If all efforts to tune and repair the bike have failed, then you should stop riding it immediately and buy a new model. The loss of control is frequently caused by structural problems such as a weakened frame or bolts that will no longer tighten. You never want to ride an older bike that you cannot accurately control while cycling.

It can be hard to part with a bicycle that has been an integral piece of your life for years. It is still the right thing to do since your safety and the safety of others on the street is at risk. If you notice any of these signs, then it is time to by a brand new bicycle fast.

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