Top 3 IT Certifications That Will Help Sky Rocket Your Career to Success

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With technology taking over virtually all of the industries in our society today, the need for IT specialists is at an all time high. In Malaysia, a current plan to restructure the economic standing of the country is focused heavily on implementing technological advancements in order to attain its ambitious high-income status goal. That’s why Malaysian companies are set to find the best, the smartest, and the most skilled employees to help reach higher returns. For lots of IT professionals looking for their place in the system, the hiring process as well as the applicant competition can be tough. If you’re one of the many IT specialists hoping to land a good employment opportunity and boost yourself to career success, you should be sure to leverage these top 3 IT certifications that will guarantee your steady climb up the IT ladder.


  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – This globally recognized and accepted certification focuses on providing learners how to equip organizations with fool-proof technology security barriers to help prevent and protect against virtual attack. It involves teaching IT professionals how to engineer and manage security programs to ensure the safety of sensitive and confidential information databases. To acquire this certificate in Malaysia, a learner needs to pass a 250 question exam covering 8 different subjects during a six hour examination time frame.

Expected salary: 344,763 – 530,406 Malaysian ringgit


  1. Network+ – Like CISSP, Network+ is also a globally recognized certification. Focused mainly on internet networks, this certificate verifies an IT specialists ability to troubleshoot, design, and manage both wired and wireless networks. These days, this information comes in very handy especially because there is a world-wide movement towards making every facet of society available through online means and resources. The Network+ exam consists of 90 questions that dwell on topics such as the configuration, use, and management of network devices as well as the specifics of other emerging connectivity devices.

Expected salary: 198,902 – 450,850 Malaysian ringgit


  1. ITIL Certification – ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices used by IT professionals to provide users with a consistent experience. Obtaining this certification basically verifies that an IT specialist is able to design, engineer, and manage an IT system that is aligned with the standards followed by all other IT systems. To get an ITIL certification in Malaysia, an IT professional can undergo a training course with an Accredited Training Organization which will provide the exam at the end of the course, or can book the exam without formal training via one of the institutes that offer ITIL examinations.

Expected salary: 397,804 – 419,904 Malaysian ringgit

Certifications for IT specialists are more than just added credentials – they’re tools you can use to bring your career to higher ground. Secure a job in IT and sky rocket your career to a sure success by getting these IT certifications today.

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