Top 10 Interior Design Trends Designers Should Watch Out For In 2017

2017 will see a few new interior design trends being incorporated in many households, whether in Malaysia or other countries. If you’re an interior designer, you need to constantly be on the lookout for such new trends, as trends often change so fast according to seasons. Watch out for these top 10 trends in 2017 if you’re an interior designer (or an aspiring one):

  1. Industrial aesthetic Mimicking the industrial look is a new trend that won’t die out anytime soon. The trick is to mix and match earthy textures, such as clay or timber with black steel; and add other fashionable elements like linen curtains, indoor plants, leather furniture, or sheepskin rug.Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle- Urban Outfitters Headquarters
  2. Gentle color schemes While dark grey and black are still the popular colors in 2017, there will be a new wave of gentle colors that are trending and staying, including pearl, blush, musk, nude, duck egg, taupe, biscuit, cool greys, white, greige, granite, and basically any pastel color.
  3. Luxe metallic You can add a touch of luxury with super luxurious-looking metallic homeware. Using the right metallic – be it onyx, bronze, antique gold, or brass – mixed with pastels will provide a wonderful contrast. Clever contrasting can prevent a space from looking bland.
  4. Statement artwork, cushions or furniture Add some eye-catching features in a room that will make a statement, be it a controversial artwork, pattern cushions or quirky furniture. Stick to one item that stands out in an entire space.Add some eye-catching features as an interior design that will make a statement
  5. Modern vintage-style furniture A vintage look will always be timeless, no matter what the current year is. If your client loves the retro, old-world aesthetics, there’s plenty of modern vintage-style furniture widely available on the market. Add some wood-based furniture mixed with retro-looking homeware to get that classic feeling and look. Paint the kitchen white or pastel yellow and add on colorful tinware or patterned aprons and towels to make the space livelier.
  6. Upholstered bedheads Another household piece that will ad a touch of luxury to your home is an upholstered bedhead. It has been a staple in celebrity homes and luxury hotel bedrooms, and they’re now beloved by the masses. Get a plush-looking bedhead in velvet, or one that’s neutral in color and comes with buttons.
  7. Cork walls Cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office. Turn an entire wall in your home office from floor to ceiling with cork. Pin a few photos, quotes, greeting cards or calendars to give it a stylish look.The interior design of cork walls can serve as a large inspiration board in your home office
  8. Terracotta tiles Earthy terracotta tiles give your home a more bohemian, relaxed look, which can be perfect for clients who’d like some serenity in their homes.
  9. Jewel-toned homeware Jewel tones like opal, Lucite, raw-cut quartz, or metals add some sparkle to a space, especially if it’s mixed with materials like floaty silks or transparent fabrics.
  10. Relaxing furniture Escapist elements in furniture like oversized seats, deep sofas or floor cushions help your clients to relax.

Often, the interior design industry follows the fashion industry. For example, if there are trending colors used in a certain season within the fashion industry, the interior design industry tends to incorporate and help make that colors trending. For those who are looking for interior design jobs in Malaysia, it’s best if you can produce a few designs that incorporate any of these trends to include in your portfolio, so you can show your potential employer that you’re up-to-date. Hence, your chances to get hired in your dream job will be greatly increased.

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