Tips for the Online Entrepreneur to Build a Foundation for Success

For online entrepreneurs, you have to be focused, driven and passionate about your business. There will be setbacks and failures on the road to success, and an online entrepreneur knows that there will be mistakes. It helps when you can avoid common mistakes in the beginning and have a good solid foundation for your business. It means you’re more likely to be successful and avoid common failures when you plan ahead.

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Pick Dynamic Web Addresses

For the online entrepreneur, the web address is one of the most important aspect of the business. It’s how customers and clients will find you online. When it comes to retail shops, location is one of the most important rules. The same is true of the online address. It’s all about how you name your website. The web address should be easy to remember and simple to spell. Stay away from tricky spellings that seem cute or clever. Don’t use hyphens since that can be confusing to customers.

Create a Mailing List

When you’re selling a product or service to clients and customers, you can do the equivalent of cold calling to gain sales. This won’t be as effective as warm leads or permission based marketing efforts. With a mailing list, a potential customer has already seen some value in your service or product, so they’ll be more likely to be receptive when you contact them with a product opportunity. Before trying to generate cold sales, consider offering a free incentive for them to sign up for a mailing list. It’s one of the best ways to gain sales and customers.


Be Professional

Many entrepreneurs think that they need an office to be a legitimate professional business owner. For the online entrepreneur, everything can be done virtually except on certain occasions. The online entrepreneur doesn’t need to buy or lease office space to feel like they’re more professional. By expanding too early, many business owners are sinking money into a part of the business that isn’t really needed. Office space for rent from a virtual office provider can give you the business space you might need occasionally. This could be perfect for certain client meetings or meeting investors to talk about money. It’ll give the entrepreneur a professional looking space without the monthly expense of leasing.

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While you can jump in with your business idea and create a website to start gathering names and addresses for your mailing list, when nobody knows you, they’re less likely to purchase your product or services. You have to create a brand and make sure that brand is a reflection of your business’ personality. It should be consistent across all platforms and able to stick in the mind of customers.

Picking a good web address, branding your business across multiple platforms, gaining an email list and having a professional office when you need one, are some of the most important things in your online business. These things will help you achieve success in any venture you choose as an online entrepreneur.

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