This School Holiday, Bring Your Kids to These 5 KL Destinations

Going out with children is never the same as going out alone. What entertains you may not be entertaining for your kid. Thankfully, Malaysia’s capital offers a lot of kid-friendly attractions and activities. Check out the following kid-friendly spots in Kuala Lumpur, and fill in your kids’ time with lots of school holiday activities.


  1. Ilham Gallery. Teach your kids art appreciation while indulging their creative side. Ilham Gallery’s Tours for Tots is especially geared towards children, letting them experience the joy of creating art forms. The tour starts with a welcome song and ends with a gift bag full of craft materials. Along with the tour, your child can sculpt and take self-portraits.


Registration for the tour opens every 11 am from Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. Petrosains Discovery Center. An interactive place spanning 7,000 square meters, Petrosains is sure to stir up your child’s curiosity (and your own, too). It is located on the fourth floor of Petronas Twin Towers, and dedicated mostly to petroleum science. The place is laid out like a museum, showcasing everything from fossils to remnants of the space age. The place is especially popular for schoolchildren since it opened doors in 1999.


The center opens every 9:30 am from Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. KidZania. Fulfill your kid’s dream job, even if just for a day. KidZania is laid out like a mini city, complete with replicas of offices, equipment, and even cars. Within it, your child can take over any of the 90 jobs that run KidZania. Let them be anything from a lawyer to a secret agent, from a pilot to a doctor. This is the perfect primer to the working world of adults.


KidZania opens at 9 am on Sundays to Thursdays, and 10 am on Fridays and Saturdays.


  1. Skytrex Adventure. Perfect for outdoor-loving kids, activities here range from ziplining over two lakes to balancing on high tree logs. You can get your share of adventure, too, as the place is an all-ages venue. Complete any of the 15 challenges available, and even walk your kid through the Little Adventure course.


Skytrex opens every Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30 am.


  1. Berjaya Times Square Park. Located within the Berjaya Times Shopping Mall this is the largest indoor theme park in the city. Go here for a more relaxing time.The kids section is colorful and whimsical at times. Adults can enjoy the experience along with their kids for there are thrilling rides as well.


The theme park opens at 12 noon on weekdays and 11 am every weekends and holidays.


It all boils down to choosing which among these five would interest your child best. Kuala Lumpur offers lots of attractions for everyone. But you also have to ensure the safety of the children even as they have fun. These five attractions hit all the check marks in fun, child-friendliness and safety, so give them a shot.

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