The Weird Reason Why Men Shouldn’t Use Women’s Shampoos



Even though some people believe that sharing shampoo is no problem, there is a very legitimate reason why men and women should each have their own shampoo. This may seem odd, but your scalp barrier can tell the difference! Men and women are not the same. While it may be simpler to grab your partner’s shampoo while you’re in the shower, easy is not always better. Here are some great reasons why hair products for men are beginning to catch on in the marketplace.

  1. Scalp differences – Everyone has a scalp barrier, but males actually have weaker scalp barriers than women. This scalp barrier contains certain levels of ceramides and proteins that help with the hair’s health and growth. In addition, the male scalp tends to produce a lot more sebum than the female scalp. This extra oil can make men’s hair and scalp get greasier faster. Men’s shampoo is formulated to clean the excess oil and treat the scalp for potential dandruff.
  2. Hair length – Most men have shorter hair than women. On top of that, shorter hairstyles usually get oilier over longer hair in a shorter amount of time. With chemically-treated hairstyles, women’s hair tends to get dry and requires additional moisture. By using women’s shampoo daily, men are adding extra moisture rather than getting the real clean they need.
  3. Smells – Men typically do not want fruity or flowery fragrances emanating from their hair for any length of time. The fragrances added to women’s shampoo are specifically designed to promote pleasing scents for females. On the other hand, shampoo for men is usually fragrance-free or offers a light scent that will appeal to men.
  4. Cost – The good news is men’s shampoo is about the same price as any quality women’s shampoo on the market. While there may not be the same number of choices, at least hair products for men are not so overpriced to keep men from choosing the best shampoo.
  5. Convenience – Companies understand that shampoo for men needs to address how men usually get ready for their day. Instead of spending extra time using several products on their hair, men want to get their hair clean and go. This is why many formulas for men’s hair are available in 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 combinations. By consolidating the shampoo and conditioner and/or dandruff-control steps into one product, men can still get ready quickly and get the right balance of clean hair on a daily basis.


Women usually come with longer hair than men

Most men have shorter hair than women.

Although there are a lot more choices for women’s shampoo over men’s shampoo on store shelves, more companies are realizing that the market for hair products for men is important. The next time you are in your favorite store, take an extra minute or two to look for a shampoo for men. You may be surprised at how good you or your partner’s hair looks and feels when the right product is used consistently. Read also vital skin care for men products you shouldn’t be missed.

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