The Millennial’s Guide to Job Hunting


The millennials, those born between early 80’s and early 2000’s, are already starting to dominate the workplace. In fact, it’s been projected that by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be composed of millennials.

These millennials are known to have a disruptive mindset. And they’ve been bringing about changes in almost every industry, especially in talent acquisition. With stable economies, better working environments and higher technology, millennials are changing how we look for jobs. Brought about by these changes, job hunting tips from those who came before the millennials won’t just be enough. Below is a list tailored for the millennial who wish to enter the workplace or maybe switch career.job-hunting-plan

Be visible The internet works in both ways. It has enabled businesses to advertise vacancies to a much larger audience, while also enabling the jobseekers to be visible to the headhunters. It pays to create an attractive and complete profile on joblisting sites. Start with LinkedIn, Jobstreet and Monster. The more sites you join and create a profile in, the more visible you become to those seeking the talent and skills you possess.

Stand out A larger audience for employers means tighter competition for you. In order to stand out, your cover letter needs to do the talking. Make it sparkle enough to keep the recruiter’s attention and reasonable enough to mention your goal and highlight your achievement. At this point, it matters that you’re able to string up words properly.

For your resume, recruiters don’t spend much time reading the details so make sure you’ve highlighted what you do best in a way that stands out at first glance.

Think outside your industry Instead of searching for specific skills or positions in job listing sites, try broadening your search to include other industries. Think of other industries where your skills can come into use. Finished a psychology degree? Don’t limit yourself checking out human resource jobs. There are psychology graduates who are now successful in sales, marketing and even business.bigstock-business-woman-holding-a-card-29452100

Network and use it Now this is a classic advice but will always be relevant. Technology these days even makes this a lot easier. Whenever you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals or professionals along your line of work, never forget to exchange business cards or simply find a way to keep in touch. You never know when they come in handy. Check out your friends list in facebook, you might have added an acquaintance from a company you’d like to get in. Ask them for job vacancies and you might even get a referral.

Keep moving Even when you’re unemployed, you don’t want potential employers to question gaps in your resume when they review your experience. Never be idle even when unemployed. It could be focusing on your passion, doing volunteer work, or learning a new skill or hobby. Preferably, it’s something related to your industry or line of work. Most employers understand this need for gap periods especially for millennials so impress them by filling those gaps with productive activity.

Job hunting may have changed for the millennial. Those tips above only guide you to be more effective and efficient in using the technology this new age has provided. At the end of it all, your success will still depend on you.

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