The Luxury You Dream Of In Watches


If you’re only interested with telling time, then a luxury watch may not be a great solution for you. But others, they look at a mechanical timepiece and see something else. Something beautiful. A masterpiece and a work of art. Luxury watches are for those who find artistry and mastery as appealing stimulations.

That’s why collecting the best handmade watches is an invigorating hobby. Here are a list of luxury watch brands you can learn more about to get you started on your journey.


When you purchase a UlysseNardin, you’re then given the option to register the timepiece. Each has a two-year international warranty. You can extend that two-year timetable by registering it with the company. This then makes you an exclusive member of the members only group: The UlysseNardin Anchor Club.

Hans Wilsdorf is the founder of the Rolex watch, and this began in 1905. He was only 24 years of age. His work led to a company that was started to distribute watches. It was during a time when wristwatches were considered unreliable in comparison to free-hanging choices.

By 1926, Rolex then created the first waterproof watch. This helped make Rolex into the luxury name we know.

Breitling specializes in technical watches. Thanks to its engineering, these watches were the choice of aviators since the mid 1880s. People today look upon this brand as a master of performance. It’s not hard to tell why. It’s 100 percent Swiss made. The brand is also hailed for surpassing the benchmark in watchmaking.

It did so by excelling in the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. A test few have passed.
IWC Schaffhausen 

This name has a healthy international reputation that started back in 1868. It is another Swiss manufacturer. This watchmaker brings innovation, engineering and beauty in the world of watchmaking in whole. IWC Schaffhausen didn’t make our list of luxury brands for nothing.


TAG Heuer 

TAG Heuer got its start in 1860. It was founded by EdouardHeuer in Saint-Imier Switzerland but now serves a worldwide service area. They mark each watch as a great fashion accessory and also go beyond making timepieces. The current CEO and President of the watchmaker is the great grandson of the founder.

His name today is Jean-Claude Biver.

Be sure to also look for your Tag Heuer in Malaysia.

Cartier is in the jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking business. It has a long standing history starting back roughly 169 years ago. This is a French watchmaker that initially remained under family oversight from when it started in 1847. The year 1964 saw a different time.

Since, the company has been vastly known for its premiere and luxury wristwatches.

The next time you consider your options and begin your collection of luxury watches, find the best offers among these brands. Excuse the pun, but these companies have stood the test of time. Each has made a mark in watchmaking history and will likely do so within the near future.


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