Teak Furniture: Why It’s The Best Type Of Wood Furniture For Malaysian Homes



Every time you’re thinking of filling your home with beautifully designed and luxurious authentic furniture that doesn’t embarrass guests at any particular time, considering furniture specially made from Teak wood should be among your top priorities all the time. Why is Teak furniture the best? People love it for its enhanced longevity and natural weather resistance capabilities that other woods don’t have, and that’s why many potential homeowners around the world choose it to cover all their home decor taste and needs—living and dining room, office, bedroom, bathroom, outdoors and any other classic accessories. This also gives them the flexibility to choose these set of items in many varieties that suit their interest in terms of size, colour, design and concept in order to spruce up or beautify their homes.




Where is Teak Wood Found?


Teak wood is found in plenty in Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia, Thailand and Burma–in fact, Indonesia is more likely the only government across the world that takes its Teak wood quite seriously way more than any other government. And because the best piece of wood furniture created from teak is gathered from mature trees, most governments around Asia govern a strict policy and prefer such wood to be cut down after having lived on earth around 80 years, from when it was planted.


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Why is Teak Wood So Costly and Valuable Than Most Woods?


Teak’s wood resilient ability to withstand and resist harsh weather conditions and super-enhanced longevity are some of the big factors that give this piece of wood away. Both of these handy characteristics make teak wood a perfect material for any kind of outdoor furniture you can think of. In fact, in caves found in Western India, material made from teak wood more than 2,000 years ago—remain intact even to-date! This means every time you’re about to purchase a piece of furniture made from teak wood, you’re definitely sure you’ve purchased some great stuff that will last for many years. This also makes teak’s furniture a value-buy wood for your cash, too.


Also worth knowing, some teak wood varieties are better than others. Like a teak furniture made from sapwood (the outer layer of any tree), doesn’t possess the same vital properties like those made from teak furniture which has been gathered from the hardwood (the inner layer of any tree). The hardwood normally has more natural oils in great abundance than the sapwood, which hence make items made from hardwood to be of greater value and more expensive than stuff made from sapwood altogether. So whenever you’re hunting for a piece of classic furniture before you make a purchase, always ask your vendor what part of teak wood the furniture was made from in order to purchase the perfect material all the time.





Above all, if you’re a homeowner and want to further enhance the glow and glamorous beauty of your home, swapping your old furniture with that made from Teak wood material is a good option to consider. Whether you need some plush and high quality furniture for your home décor or workstation, this teak wood material will cover your every need. More so, every time you’re hunting for some exotic and timeless teak furniture in Malaysia, make sure the item you’re about to purchase is gathered from teak’s hardwood material only because this is where the wood’s most essential materials are found. Sure, you’ll more likely pay more for this particular item, but your overall purchase would be a value-buy-item for your money and would also bring you maximum comfort over the long haul! Also regarding this Teak hardwood furniture’s impressive designs, high quality and competitive prices, everyone sure deserves decent and authentic furniture around their homes!

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