Some Helpful Travel Tips for Your Weekend Adventure to Kota Kinabalu

When it comes to making travel plans, everyone has their own definition of what they consider “traveling”. There are some who travel so much for business, that their travel plans involve staying home and ordering in.

It’s residents like these who order up some Tuhau and have it delivered. This happens a lot in Sabah, believe it or not. Some just want to enjoy a quiet sunset in their own backyard. Indulge in some yummy Tubau in Sabah late at night. If you spent 90% of your time traveling, you would consider this to be your travel plans too.

There are others who consider this to be going out to eat. Some consider taking in a nice restaurant in Kota Kinabalu their travel plans.

Mt. Kinabalu

Still, others like to make a nice weekend of it. They like to go to a nice camping ground site. Some like to take a nice long road trip up near Kota Kinabalu. If you are planning something similar, you might want to pay attention to the tips down below.

It doesn’t matter what travel plans you make, you always have to be prepared. You have to be prepared for everything from the smallest issue to the biggest emergency. Allow us to take you on a journey on how to be prepared during your travel plans this weekend.

1)Take the pressure off right from the start. Don’t worry about trying to make everything perfect. Some have to have everything planned out to the last second. Sometimes the best times happen when you are not expecting it. Don’t expect perfection on your trip, because it’s not going to happen. Learn to go with the flow. Have a a plan, but don’t be too planned out. Allow yourself to enjoy the simple moments. Once they are gone, they are gone.

2)Pack some light meals and snacks. Don’t plan to eat out all the time. Sometimes a nice turkey sandwich and chips does the trick nicely. It also saves on money. Depending on what you pack, make sure the cooler allows for hot and cold. This way nothing gets spoiled along the way.


3)It’s good to have a “collective goal” in mind for your trip. You need balance here. Make sure that everyone going on the trip wants the same thing. Say there are five people going. Be sure to have at least one thing from each person’s list as part of the end goal. This way no one will feel left out.


Always take a look at where you go and who can give you the best deals. This goes for any kind of road trip really. Just because a deal looks good on the surface, that doesn’t mean it truly is a good deal. Do some comparison shopping online before investing the money. Once you place an offer down, sometimes it’s hard to get that money back.


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