Retail Store Safety Tips


Retail store security does not just involve protecting the store from theft. As an owner of a retail store, it is always important to make sure that your retail space in safe for you, your employees and customers alike. In spite of the many ways a retail store can become unsafe, there are several ways to ensure that these incidences are not a danger to those in your retail store because your retail store is as safe as you make it. Some tips to make sure of this are;

  1. Be prepared for fire hazards; Fire hazards can be a threat to any retail store. Things like exposed wires from computers of lighting, combustible materials left near a heat source, improper chemical storage or open flames in a store display can be causes of fire hazards. You must therefore be prepared in case a fire a fire arises by having a fire extinguisher in your store. You must also ensure that all your employees know how to use it and routine inspections are done to make sure that they are functioning properly.
  2. Match your workplace requirements to your employees’ capabilities; this is referred to as ergonomics. This is to ensure that your employee is not hurt injured in the process of working. For instance, hire a well-built person for the lifting chores.
  3. Aerate your retail store; since retail stores are mostly found inside other buildings such as malls, they tend to get stuffy. Without proper ventilation, the air in the store may collect mould, bacteria, fungus or vapors produced from products used. It is therefore highly recommended to install a mechanical system that cycles the fresh outdoor air and circulates it throughout your store and always check it to ensure that it is working efficiently. This will ensure proper aeration of the store keeping away respiratory illnesses that could be caused by indoor pollution.
  4. Visually inspect your store for potential hazards; potential hazards may include spills that may cause an employee or customer to slip and fall, uneven flooring, misplaced items that could cause tripping. Ensure that spills are mopped immediately and clutters removed. This will greatly prevent unnecessary accidents. This can be done by your employees or hire a reliable Singapore security company.
  5. Guard your store against crime; theft can put customers and employees in danger other than putting you through major losses. This is because some of these thieves can become violent. Thus, you have to be prepared by taking measures against crime. These measures include setting up surveillance cameras in multiple corners and cover for blind spots using mirrors, installing a security alarm system or hiring a security guard.
  6. Ensure your store has proper lighting; this will also act as an added guard against crime. In addition, it will ensure that petty accidents like tripping because a customer or an employee cannot see items cluttered on the floor do not happen.
    With these, you can be sure that you retail store security has been upgraded and your store, yourself, your employees and your customers are protected.


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