Purchasing and taking care of your wood furniture

When you are furniture shopping the task can be daunting, especially when picking out wood pieces. As you start to shop you have to decide what type of wood you prefer. There are so many choices from hardwood to softwood or even the tropical wood. From each of these types, there are many kinds of woods depending on what’s your favourite.


If you prefer woods such as oak, cherry or maple, these are known as hardwoods. These woods come from trees that produce fruits or nuts and produce a much harder wood that make the furniture heavier and give more of a hefty look.

Another option is softwoods that come from trees that produce needles. Woods such as cedar, fir, pine and redwood are associated with softwood furniture. This type of furniture has more of a lighter weight and handling is more delicate with this wood.  There is also wood known as tropical hardwoods that grow in the tropical forest. These woods are mahogany, rosewood and teak.


There are a lot of choices when your furniture shop and each wood can visually give a different look. If you are concerned with finding out the true level of hardness to your wood furniture, there is a rating system called the Jarka rating system that shows a chart that rates the level of hardness of the most popular desirable woods. For an example of how the rating works, the system considers hickory woods the hardest and aspen woods the softest. Taking a look at the rating chart before shopping could possibly help with your decision of the wood you want to purchase.


After deciding what type of wood you want for your furniture, you have to decide what style you would like. Sometimes getting some help from a professional will help decide what lifestyle you have, if you are unsure. Most furniture shops will have staff members who can guide you with those choices while taking in consideration of your overall home furnishing style. Or if you prefer shopping for furniture online in Malaysia than you can ask the site’s customer service for help if needed. As you shop it becomes a personal choice what style you like and the more furniture you purchase you’ll start seeing your style come out in your choices.


14201 Teak M rack (2)


After picking out and purchasing your furniture it’s time to make sure you keep a cleaning routine so your pieces have a good chance of lasting for years to come. It depends if your furniture is oiled, painted or polished on how you clean it.  Oil finished furniture can be cleaned with a simple routine dusting with a soft cloth. If your furniture is painted than a vacuuming with a soft brush attachment can be used for the heavier cleaning and a soft cloth for the everyday wiping. Polished wood is the only wood that needs to be treated with a polish or wax routinely.


No matter if you are shopping at a store for furniture or furniture online in Malaysia, you have a full range of options and plenty of styles to pick from for your favourite pieces. The purchase of wood furniture can be a rewarding experience and it’s the one item in our lives that has a good chance to being passed down to others.

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