Producing Food in Malaysia? Here’s The One Thing You Need to Measure Carefully

TPeople love to produce various types of food in Malaysia.  And the food is often really great, tasty, high quality and even quite nutritious, which offers a lot of good ingredients and health benefits to those who consume it.  But the truth is that there can be occurrences of food borne illnesses if preventative measures are not taken to make sure that food is prepared properly.

You don’t want to become ill yourself by different types of food borne illnesses when you consume food. And it is ultimately true that you definitely do not want other people to become ill if you prepare various kinds of food for them to consume. The fact is, if people do become ill because you did not take the  preventative measures in preparing food up to safety standards for consumption, you will lose customers and will be legally liable for their illness or death if that results.

So to protect you in consuming food prepared in Malaysia or for selling to customers who will consume your food which you have prepared for them, we share some tips to prevent food borne illnesses.1

  1. Think about food safety every step of the way.

This means that you must think about food safety when you buy the food you are to prepare. It is to be sold by someone who is reputable. It is to be sold by someone who has the proper legal documentation to be selling food products in the first place, whether they are cooked at home by you, cooked by you as a restaurant owner, or if you resell food products for others to consume or to prepare at restaurants, etc.2

  1. Be sure that meat and eggs are cared for properly.

Be sure that meat and eggs are not sitting long periods of time in direct sunlight. This will produce terrible food illnesses potentially that could even lead to death if the meat is contaminated and consumed.  Therefore, all meat and eggs should always be properly refrigerated at the point of sale and when stored before using them to prepare food for yourself and your family or if you prepare food for others to consume commercially.3

  1. Accurate food temperature measurement is necessary for meat.

When cooking meat to consume for yourself, it is absolutely required of you to exercise the most  accurate care in measuring the temperature of the meat to make sure that the meat is safe for consumption. Follow the guidelines in cookbooks for various types of meats or follow any legal guidelines that have been provided to you if you prepare food commercially for consumer consumption, such as producing foods at restaurants or at factories.

Taking care to implement accurate food temperature measurement will ensure that all meat products are safe, whether they are consumed at home, whether they are consumed at a restaurant by your patrons or whether they are consumed in the form of canned meat products from your factory.  Proper meat temperatures ensure good health and happy eating for all.

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