Stop Restarting Your Computer All The Time: Time to Take Your Business to the Cloud

TIf you manage a business wherein a lot of your operations are conducted online, it’s highly recommended that you create an account with Google. This allows you to take advantage of the various business tools, services, and resources that the company has built over the years. Many people have the wrong assumption that Google is only a search engine and email provider. The truth is that the company has branched out with a lot of services like Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Apps for business. The majority of these are run on the cloud which means you can access and work on them wherever there’s an internet connection.1

Why You Should Take Your Business To The Cloud

Cloud computing is the future of running online businesses. It offers flexibility and efficiency for your operations. Gone are the days where everyone had to be in the same room before taking a decision or completing a project. For instance, as a Google Apps partner, you will have access to dozens of applications that are very useful in managing your business. These apps can be used in all aspects of your operations. You can use them to communicate, store data, collaborate with other people, or manage your business finances.2

What To Expect When Your Business Is On The Cloud

  1. You will be equipped with tools and apps that are designed specifically for your business. You can use these tools and apps for marketing, sales, accounting, storing data, and communicating with business partners and customers.
  2. It will be much easier to collaborate with other people. Cloud computing enables you to talk with groups of people from anywhere in the world. All of you can also access, edit, and share data with each other.
  3. There’s better security for your data storage. In fact, clouds are way more secure compared to traditional IT systems.3

The bottom line here is that it’s a good idea to bring your business to the cloud. As we mentioned earlier, cloud computing is the future of running and managing online businesses and assets. Now is the perfect time for you to jump on the bandwagon.

3 Juicing Recipes to Jumpstart Your Juicing Habit

3 Juicing Recipes to Jumpstart Your Juicing Habit


If you are looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle, juicing is the best place to start as any. Not only will you be able to eat healthily, but it is also very easy to do. As a start, you would need to buy a juice extractor. Since eating and living healthy are fast becoming the norm in Malaysia, it won’t be hard to find a juice extractor in local department stores. You can even find some online!

Once you have a juicer of your own, beginning your juicing adventure won’t be hard. Here are three juicing recipes to help you start:







These three ingredients are very easy to find which makes this recipe super easy

  1. Cucumber-Pear-Celery Mix


These three ingredients are very easy to find which makes this recipe super easy. For this mix, use a whole pear (cut into squares), half a cucumber (also cut into squares) and three stalks of celery.







If you want that tropical bliss, try this mix

  1. Banana-Pineapple-Kale Mix


If you want that tropical bliss, try this mix. Get a quarter of fresh pineapple and cut it into squares (with the core removed), one whole peeled banana, and three to five pieces of Kale leaves. When juicing the banana, switch to the coarse strainer in your juicer, so you won’t end up just squashing the banana.







this combination is packed with vitamins and minerals that help boost your immunity

  1. Orange-Ginger-Lemon Zest


An easy favorite, this combination is packed with vitamins and minerals that help boost your immunity. For two whole oranges, use a quarter of a lemon and half an inch of ginger. Make sure the oranges and lemon are properly peeled to prevent having a bitter juice.



To add more flavor to these drinks, you can always add a whole apple. Once you have gotten used to these three basic mixes, you can start adding or changing ingredients in the mix. Other vegetables and fruits that are perfect for juicing are carrots, strawberry, blueberry, mango, and beets. These ingredients can easily be found in local markets in Malaysia.


You must remember that drinking fruit and vegetable juice is not a replacement for eating food, but rather a supplement. You still need to eat your meals to get your daily dose of protein, fat, and fiber. Just think of it as consuming more vegetables and fruits than you normally do, which in turn improves your overall health and appearance!

A Quick Guide To Looking For High-Paying Jobs In Miri, Malaysia

Miri is a relatively small city, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find employment there. The city’s economy is growing at a very fast pace courtesy of its oil and tourism industries. That said, there’s a healthy supply of jobs for those who intend on working there. Of course, you have better chances of landing a job if your skill set and educational background are related to the oil and gas industry or tourism.


Finding A Job In The Oil And Gas Industry

Several local and international oil companies operate within Miri and off its shores. These companies include Petronas Carigali, Shell Berhad, Nippon Oil, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Technip, and Halliburton. These companies employ thousands of workers. If you want to work for any of these firms, you need to get in touch with their Human Resources managers. Check out their websites if there are announcements for job openings. If you know someone from the inside, you should ask for a recommendation or a referral.


Finding A Job In The Tourism Industry

Tourism is a huge contributor to the city’s coffers. This is because the city serves as a gateway to several well-known parks like the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park and the Gunung Mulu National Park. If you have a background in the hospitality industry, you should definitely try looking for a job in the hotels, resorts, parks, and other establishments in the region that cater to travelers. The best way to do it is to approach them and inquire if there are any openings directly. You can also use online job portals and search for the hotels and resorts if they have made any listings.


In a nutshell, there are many job vacancies in Miri if you want to work there. You just have to be more direct in your approach when looking for openings. Don’t be afraid to call companies to inquire if they are currently hiring new people. In being creative and persistent, you will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get An Air Purifier For Your Room

4 Reasons Why You Should Get An Air Purifier For Your Room


If you live in an urban center in Malaysia, it’s highly recommended that you avail of an air cleaner for your home. This is especially important if you live near a place where’s there’s too much pollution. Regular exposure to contaminants in the air is one of the leading causes of respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and lung cancer.


Below are some of the reasons why you should get an air purifier right now:








  1. Installing an air purifier inside your room will significantly help in reducing the contaminants floating around


The appliance can lessen the pollution in the air for up to 90% depending on the strength and capacity of the machine. A purifier is effective against both particulate matter like dust mites and gaseous pollutants like smoke or vehicle exhaust.








  1. If you suffer from allergies, a purifier can help in minimizing your allergy attacks


Whether you are allergic to pollen, dust, cat hair, or chemical exhausts, an air cleaner will be very helpful in getting rid of the particles before they get to your airways.







A lot of these particles can come from sources that are either inside or outside your home

  1. Air cleaners are also effective against airborne molds, bacteria, and viruses


A lot of these particles can come from sources that are either inside or outside your home. Since these are airborne and invisible to the eyes, you won’t notice them entering your system until you start feeling the symptoms of the sickness they cause. A lot of the particles can be easily sucked by a reliable air cleaner.








  1. Air purifiers are affordable and easy to install


In fact, most air filters are plug-and-play machines. This means that you only plug them and then turn them on. Some are also portable so that you can carry them from room to room in your house.



In conclusion, getting an air cleaner for room is something you should seriously consider. Not only will it get rid of pollution in your home, but it will also protect you from respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and all sorts of serious allergies.

Looking For a Staycation? Here are 5 Towns Within 2 Hours Ride From Kuala Lumpur

Staycations are becoming an attractive alternative to full vacations. The term simply means having a one day trip out of your home to nearby attractions without staying the night. Staycations are the newest trend in tourism, as it doesn’t cost much and is just as much fun as any regular vacation.

If you live in KL and would like to escape the hustle and bustle for a moment, a staycation may be a perfect idea.


Here are five relatively near places that you can travel to in less than 2 hours from KL:


  1. Malacca

Malacca or Melaka is located about one and a half hour south of KL and can be easily accessed via the North-South Highway. Malacca is known as the historical gateway of Malaysia and known for its many historical attractions including The Stadhuys, the Porta  De Santiago, and a lot more. There are also many local foods to try such as Asam Laksa, Chicken Rice balls, Satay Celup and Portuguese Baked Fish.


  1. Port Dickson

In KL’s neighboring state of Negeri Sembilan is the seaside town of Port Dickson. People usually come here to relax and have a picnic on the numerous beaches here. There are also many restaurants selling delicious seafood all along the coast.


  1. Ipoh

Ipoh is about 2 hours to the north of Kuala Lumpur, and there are many culinary attractions here. You can either drive or take the ETS train to Ipoh at a very affordable cost. Ipoh is well known for its local delights such as the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice, Hor Fun noodles, and caramel custard.


  1. Seremban

Seremban town is the capital of Negeri Sembilan, and there are several attractions here. You can drive out to Istana Seri Menanti, a traditional Minangkabau palace belonging to Negeri Sembilan’s royal family. It’s unique because of its architecture and for the fact that it has been built without using nails.


  1. Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan

Located about 45 minutes outside of KL are these two adjacent towns. Kuala Selangor is famous for its river fireflies, whereas Sekinchan has many acres of picturesque rice plantations where you can cycle around.


There are many other small towns and villages around KL that you can visit.  It doesn’t take a lot of efforts to find beautiful spots in Malaysia, as long as you do your research and have an adventurous spirit that’s willing to explore.

Producing Food in Malaysia? Here’s The One Thing You Need to Measure Carefully

TPeople love to produce various types of food in Malaysia.  And the food is often really great, tasty, high quality and even quite nutritious, which offers a lot of good ingredients and health benefits to those who consume it.  But the truth is that there can be occurrences of food borne illnesses if preventative measures are not taken to make sure that food is prepared properly.

You don’t want to become ill yourself by different types of food borne illnesses when you consume food. And it is ultimately true that you definitely do not want other people to become ill if you prepare various kinds of food for them to consume. The fact is, if people do become ill because you did not take the  preventative measures in preparing food up to safety standards for consumption, you will lose customers and will be legally liable for their illness or death if that results.

So to protect you in consuming food prepared in Malaysia or for selling to customers who will consume your food which you have prepared for them, we share some tips to prevent food borne illnesses.1

  1. Think about food safety every step of the way.

This means that you must think about food safety when you buy the food you are to prepare. It is to be sold by someone who is reputable. It is to be sold by someone who has the proper legal documentation to be selling food products in the first place, whether they are cooked at home by you, cooked by you as a restaurant owner, or if you resell food products for others to consume or to prepare at restaurants, etc.2

  1. Be sure that meat and eggs are cared for properly.

Be sure that meat and eggs are not sitting long periods of time in direct sunlight. This will produce terrible food illnesses potentially that could even lead to death if the meat is contaminated and consumed.  Therefore, all meat and eggs should always be properly refrigerated at the point of sale and when stored before using them to prepare food for yourself and your family or if you prepare food for others to consume commercially.3

  1. Accurate food temperature measurement is necessary for meat.

When cooking meat to consume for yourself, it is absolutely required of you to exercise the most  accurate care in measuring the temperature of the meat to make sure that the meat is safe for consumption. Follow the guidelines in cookbooks for various types of meats or follow any legal guidelines that have been provided to you if you prepare food commercially for consumer consumption, such as producing foods at restaurants or at factories.

Taking care to implement accurate food temperature measurement will ensure that all meat products are safe, whether they are consumed at home, whether they are consumed at a restaurant by your patrons or whether they are consumed in the form of canned meat products from your factory.  Proper meat temperatures ensure good health and happy eating for all.

5 Tricks to Maximize Your Credit Card Benefits While Traveling

originalTourism is a lucrative industry for most countries around the world, including Malaysia. For many people, it could be both expensive and addictive. It requires a lot of planning to make sure our comfort is maintained throughout the entire trip without breaking the bank.  When it comes to keeping a balance in your spending, you can bring enough cash for your primary needs, e.g. food and transportation, and use a credit card to simplify your retail shopping. By paying with a credit card, you can track your spending more easily and will not have to deal with currency conversion. Plus, you will feel safer because credit cards are easier to keep and less prone to theft.   Here are some ways to maximize your credit card usage while planning for your next trip:


  1. Collect Extra Mileage Rewards

Instead of paying your flight tickets, accommodations and other big shopping items with cash or debit cards, you can use your credit card to get more air miles. All you have to do is connect your frequent-flyer accounts to your credit card and earn reward points based on those purchases.

If you are an avid traveler, having a travel credit card is an excellent idea to boost your bonus points. Some travel cards like VISA Signature Card would offer discounts and competitive exchange rate on overseas transactions, as well as multiple bonus points on travel related purchases.


  1. Get Free Travel Insurance

Now that you are thinking of having a travel card under your name, choose a credit card with travel insurance coverage. Some issuers offer this benefit for eligible cardholders, which includes overseas travel and medical insurance. It could be an excellent addition to your existing travel insurance coverage. Before you go, check with your credit card issuer if you are eligible to get travel insurance coverage.


  1. Pay Online Transportation with Ease

Having a credit card is an easy way to access your money overseas, wherever the payment system is accepted electronically. For example, when you have just arrived in a foreign country and do not have a small amount of local currency for a bus or train ride, you can opt to order transportation from an online ridesharing app that is available in that country, i.e. Grab, Lyft or Uber.


  1. Choose to Pay in the Local Currency

Some countries have more advanced payment system than others, e.g. one that can give customers an option to choose the currency for payment. If you are offered this option, always pay in the local currency. That way you will not get charged a ridiculous amount of fee for converting to your home currency. Those small fees would add up and cost you a lot throughout your entire trip.


  1. Avoid Taking a Cash Advance

No matter where you are, using your credit card to take money out of an ATM is not a wise thing to do. Although your credit card issuer might add this feature as a benefit, it is subject to an additional cash-advance fee. If you really need instant cash, it would be better to use your debit card to withdraw money from your bank ATM, e.g. HSBC or CIMB, or from the MasterCard ATM network – the ones with MasterCard, Maestro, or Cirrus logo.

With these in mind, a credit card is a good payment option while you are traveling. Just make sure to inform your bank on your travel itinerary and carry their emergency hotline number at all times.

Children Education: The Difference of Malaysian Private and International Schools


Since your child’s education will have a significant impact on his development, lifelong learning, and future career, choosing the right school may be one of the hardest parental decisions you will ever have to make. That’s why the process needs a thorough consideration all the way through. Many factors such as the social and learning environment and the school’s reputation play a role in your decision-making. But apart from that, the school’s classification, whether a private school or international school, is another issue to be addressed by parents.

In Malaysia, many private and international schools are available. However, to help you identify which one you prefer for your child, you have to know the difference between the two. It is safe to say that all international schools are private schools, but not all private schools are international.

The Characteristics of Private Schools

Private schools are schools owned by non-government, non-state entities. They are allowed to pool students based on their sets of criteria, such as their proficiency. They acquire funding through tuition fees paid for by the students themselves. However, some private schools offer scholarships based on the talent of the student. Common types of scholarship may include academic scholarship or sports scholarship.

What Are International Schools?

On the other hand, international schools differ from private schools in a way that the former establishes an international education setup for their students by espousing curricula from another country; such as the Cambridge International Examination or International Baccalaureate. Often, parents consider international schools when their children need to know a specific foreign language offered by the school. In Malaysia, the main kinds of curricula approved by the Education Ministry include the British, American, Australian, and Canadian curriculum.

Once you have decided which one you think is the best for your child, you may want to research more information on the many available private or international schools in Malaysia. If you wish to give your child a better practice on independence, making them attend a boarding school in Malaysia will surely help them become confident decision-makers.

Why Are Luxury Watches So Expensive?


Made of strong material, luxury watches have a practical and timeless design people all over the world seek. It’s a life goal for a young watch enthusiast to one day own a Rolex or Patek Philippe watch; it serves as a sign that you’ve made it. However, when searching for luxury watches, one may be shocked to find Rolex prices so high. While luxury timepieces are expensive, here are five reasons proving that they are worth their price tag.1

  1. Luxury Watches are Indestructible

Have you ever seen a luxury watch commercial highlighting how the watch can withstand blazing heat or can be submerged thousands of meters underwater? It’s hard to believe, but Swiss watches are made to be indestructible. The Sinn UX diving watch can withstand up to 12,000 meters underwater, and the Omega Speedmaster was worn on the Moon in 1969. Swiss watchmakers assure durability through different tests, like in a pressurized water tank.2

  1. Luxury Watches are Crafted as a Work of Art

Swiss watchmakers invest heavily into research, engineering and in their crafts. Each and every watch is hand-assembled and tested to assure each piece and gear in the timepiece will work correctly for a lifetime. What’s more, the beauty of the inside must match the design of the watch exterior. Nothing escapes the attention of the best watchmakers. It may come as a surprise that a single watch can take up to one year to produce because of time and attention it’s given for perfect craftsmanship.3

  1. Luxury Watches are Comprised of the Best Material

Companies like Rolex and Omega have in-house gemologists who source, test and arrange gold, platinum, and other precious metals for an authentic and balanced timepiece. Swiss watchmakers only use top-notch materials found all over the world, partnering with world-class suppliers.4

  1. Luxury Watch Brands Offer Lifetime Service

Luxury timepieces are built to last a lifetime, and the ample serviceability drives this. Rolex, IWC and Tag Heuer have service centers in the major cities around the world. Authorized service centers assure that you’re offered impeccable service to maintain the performance, reliability, and appearance of your timepiece.5

  1. Luxury Watches are an Investment

Luxury watch brands invest a lot in building their name, history, guaranteeing only the highest quality and performance with their products. Luxury watches can be passed down from generation to generation and only gets more valuable with time. It’s an investment.

A price tag of a luxury watch may shock some people. But considering that these watches are made with perfection in mind by the best crafters, the price is justified. It’s not only about showing a particular status, but it’s more about having a work of art on your wrist.

Traveling To Malaysia With Your Kids? Stay Calm And Read These 5 Essential Tips


Having fun traveling with kids is every parent’s dream. However, it’s challenging and requires patience as well as mental and physical strength. If you are feeling excited and at the same time nervous about bringing your kids with you, maybe these 5 tips can help you:

  1. Plan A Kid-friendly Itinerary First, do some research on places to stay and activities that suit your children. Think of what you like to do if you want to spend time with them. For example, if you enjoy a splashing pleasure and love swimming together, a water park with water slides and swimming pool is the best place to go. The great thing is, finding the best water theme park resort in Malaysia is not so hard. Plus, Malaysia is a hot country so this is definitely a great idea.


  1. Organize Essentials Earlier When you already know where to go, now is the time to book for tickets. Also, don’t forget to plan for transportation, get a hotel reservation, and make a list of some places on where to eat. Make sure that all the requirements for your kids are available during the vacation. For example, if they are still wearing a nappy, make sure you bring enough nappies with you. Medicine is also necessary if an emergency occurs. A camera is a must as you surely want to record the memories. Another important thing is that you have to know if you can carry your bag during the trip, so be organized and don’t pack too many bags. You want the experience as smooth as possible without worrying about your bags all the time.


  1. Bring Tricks and Fun Packs Children get bored quickly especially when they have to sit still in a car or public transport for hours. During this time, you need to fill their time with fun activities to make sure they stay calm. Some tricks are also useful to reset their focus. Think of things that are not so big and easy to handle such as small toys, stickers, books, origami papers, coloring books, and even some snacks.


  1. Be Practical and Flexible Filling in too many activities into your itinerary is not a practical idea as you will end up rushing and exhausted. Be realistic and focus more on quality over quantity. Planning is easier than practice. In other words, making sure that everything is going as planned is not that easy, especially when you have never been to Malaysia. Bear in mind that your plan can sometimes be out of schedule and when it happens, don’t panic. Be flexible and just go with the flow.


  1. Get Ready for Any Consequences Bringing kids with you while traveling will definitely test your patience. Sometimes they become cranky because of the hot weather or they are not getting enough sleep. Sometimes they want something and when they don’t get it, they become upset and the drama begins. Think of anything that can possibly occur and when it happens, make sure you know how to overcome the issue.


You can do it! Nothing beats having a great traveling adventure with your little ones. Your family vacation will definitely be the most memorable trip ever with proper planning.