Must Have Small Apartment Furniture


Having a small apartment is great. However, the fun goes away when furnishing the apartment comes into the picture and there are no ideas. Let’s face it; furnishing a small apartment can be troublesome, especially because you have to consider the space available. Still, there are fabulous ideas when it comes to furniture for the apartment to try out. When looking for furniture for your home, optimize on the largest space available. Here are some great furniture options for your tiny apartment that save on lots of space.

Chest of drawers 
Having a small apartment means you have no room to keep clothes, shoes and make-up. To economize on storage space, consider getting a drawers for the bedroom. They are tall and have several compartments meaning several things can be put inside. They are available at different heights depending on preference. Chests of drawers, commonly known as dressers, are mostly used to store socks, pajamas, jeans, tee-shirts and any other form of casual wear. Some even have open shelves designed for keeping your shoes. The perfect bedroom furniture everyone should get for keeping clothes and shoes is a chest of drawers.

Wooden sideboard 
In small apartments, the living room also doubles up as a dining room. Or the dining room is a tiny space between the kitchen and living room. Extra dinnerware, glasses and cups, spoons, and table linens will need a place to be kept. The solution to this is getting a sideboard made of wood. Utensils and other dining things can be conveniently stored and taken out when needed. In the living room, wooden sideboards can also be used to keep books and magazines. Depending on the height and design, they can have spaces to put a television and even wine compartments. They come as a complete package storage solution, and flowers can be put on top to add to the decorations of the room. The great thing about wooden sideboards is that they fit any room including the bedroom.

Platform beds 
Since space is a major issue in small apartments, having a big bed is out of the picture. To save on space, consider the option of getting a platform bed. These beds save on space depending on how they are designed. Having platform beds can increase the number of storage spaces available as they can have inbuilt cabinets under them. The beds can also have pull-out drawers built in them. The beds are convenient especially since space is not readily available. The drawers on platform beds can also be made in the form of steps leading up to the bed. Getting this kind of bed is a smart idea and will ease the chance of having clutter in the house.
Small apartments only need the right furniture and decorations to turn them into beautiful homes. Furnishing a small apartment has been made easier with these space-efficient furniture. Decorating the apartment using the right furniture will make the house seem larger as there will be space left to move around.


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