Malaysian Parents, Here Are 5 Tips on Cycling With Your Kids For The First Time

cyclingYou love cycling since forever and now that you have a child, you believe that you will never get the chance to ride a bike again. Maybe you are thinking of moving your bicycle to your storage room, but hold on a second! Why don’t you take your kid with you? If you are a new parent and a cycling enthusiast, read on for 5 tips on taking your child on a cycling session for the first time.3689_1280x800

  1. Use A Good Bike The most important part when it comes to cycling with your child is to make sure of their safety. There are a lot of danger possibilities such as falling or even getting hit by another vehicle. Therefore, taking early precautions is a must. Make sure you have a bike that works properly with necessary items for safety purpose. Nowadays, there are many bike shops where you can purchase the devices required. If you have limited time, you can also visit an online bike shop to look for bike sales and find the items you need.
  2. Choose A Safer Route As this is your first time bringing your kid with you, it is better to start with an easy trip. For example, you can start cycling around your neighborhood area. Try to avoid a difficult route with heavy car traffics as much as possible. Oh, and make sure you don’t cycle too fast or too far away. Always bring a navigation device with you, just in case.01-cycling-adv-kids
  3. Prepare Everything Prior Every parent understands that kids definitely don’t like to wait. Therefore, the solution is to prepare all the necessary essentials earlier. Make sure you pack your bag with repair kits, first aid kits, your kid’s clothes or nappy, and a bottle of water. Don’t forget some snacks because kids get hungry easily. Always make sure that you have some cash with you in case you need to buy something. A mobile phone is necessary for unlikely emergencies, and maybe for some selfies together! Put everything in a lightweight bag so when the time comes, all you have to do is grab the bag.kids2_ss530_12_h
  4. Choose A Suitable Time Malaysia is a tropical country with a high level of humidity. So don’t go out when it’s really hot. For example, maybe you can do your activity early in the morning or after 5 p.m in the evening. Cycling at night is a bit risky unless you take some precautions. Also, refer to the latest weather forecast regularly to avoid rainy or stormy days.kids_bike_accessories_770x440
  5. Be Patient Well, children are unpredictable. One minute they can be the most charming person in the world and the next they throw a tantrum without any warning. It’s like magic you can’t comprehend, really. Just get ready for anything that may occur so that you can avoid feeling depressed. Maybe you can take a rest every 30 minutes or play your kid’s favorite song from your smartphone while cycling. Remember that this can become the most memorable bonding time, so just enjoy the journey together.

Now that you already know these 5 important tips, you are ready to take your child with you! Stop stressing out, introduce cycling to your child, and cherish the precious family bonding moment.

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