Maintaining Your Teak Dining Room Furniture

wood tableIt is really important to take care of your furniture. Wood furniture requires different maintenances from furniture made from other things. It is really important to take care of them carefully, or else your furniture would not last long. A lot of people have started to use wood furniture in their dining rooms, especially the ones made from teak. Today, we will discuss further on how to take care and maintain teak furniture.


care your wood furniture


Read The Instructions

If you bought new teak furniture, do not forget to ask for brochures or pamphlets that contain instructions on how to maintain them. This is important because these instructions are made by the manufacturers of these furniture, they are the one who knows about the furniture the most. And then, you should follow the guides and instruction carefully.



If there is any drawer on your furniture, for example there are some drawers on your dining table, it is important to keep the drawers open. The purpose of doing this is to allow the smell of the furniture oil to dissipate.


dining table drawer

keep the drawers open


Move Them Carefully

It is really important to move your teak furniture carefully. It does not matter how strong it looks, or how sturdy it is, you still have to be careful in handling it. It is advised to move it by lifting instead of dragging. This is because dragging your furniture can sometimes cause bumps and other damages to them, which is not something you want to happen to your new furniture. By doing this, you are also preserving the joints’ integrity.


No Hot Items

Do not forget not to put hot items such as pans directly on the surface of your teak furniture, especially dining table It is okay to put hot items on them, but you should use tablemats or place mats.



use tablemats


Direct Heat or Sunlight

Aside from pans, it is also important not to place your teak furniture in direct sunlight or next to a source of heat. This is because they will cause dryness. As an addition, they can cause the colors of your furniture to fade, as well as cracking surfaces.


furniture oilFurniture Oils

It is also important to maintain your furniture with furniture oils periodically. Not only tables, but also the dining chair. It is advised to do this once every month to prevent cracking.



Those are the few things you can do to take care of your dining chair, table, as well as other dining room interior. It is important not to forget any of these things. Taking care of your furniture will help them to last longer with the best condition possible.

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