Low Cost of Public Transport Services in Kuala Lumpur


Travellers, residents, and other individuals seeking transport in Kuala Lumpur have access to a broad variety of affordable public transport options. As the capital of Malaysia, the public transportation system has a developed, modernized, and reliable network of taxis, KTM trains, Rapid KL buses, Light Rail Transit Trains, and Express Rail Links for its citizens and travellers. Users can expect affordable and expedient options that enable easy travel in a broad variety of viable and populated locations.


KL Train System

The main rail operator of Kuala Lumpur is known as KTM, or Keretapi Tanah Melayu. Trains are one of the more preferred methods of travel due to their low cost and reliability. Ticket prices vary depending on the grade of ticket one purchases and the distance of their destination. Destinations within the city can typically cost between 1-2 MYR, which is less than half of a British pound.

There is a KTM schedule app available for those who expect to frequently use Kuala Lumpur’s train system. Through the app, one can select their train station and browse departure times while also receiving reminders for train arrivals. This app was developed due to the reluctance of individuals that were puzzled by the KTM timetable. Those who wish to use the app can acquire it through kltransit.my
Passes and Convenience

Those that are expecting an extended stay in Kuala Lumpur should be aware of the passes and cards accessible to them. One particular pass allows its users to skip long lines for token machines and ticket windows. There is also a pass available for frequent users of the MRT and LRT systems. Certain public transport passes and cards extend their use across different train services and buses, making cards exceedingly versatile for users.

One of more popular pass services charges 10 MYR for a card, which is the equivalent of 1.65 British pounds. Users of the pass can expect all the conveniences of a typical travel card, with transit charges going through the card at applicable scanners.

Other Transportation Services

Many travellers tend to utilize the trains, but the bus system also has a viable journey planner and low cost service. Fares range between 1-3 MYR, depending if you’re traveling within one or across multiple zones.

Taxis will typically charge you 15 MYR, which is a little over two and a half British pounds, for a distance of 2 km. However, the cost of a taxi can vary between specific drivers. Shopping malls, prime transportation hubs, airports, and other areas have taxi desks that can be used for potentially cheaper fares. Taxi desk clerks will process the distance you need to travel and give you a quote, if you accept the charge you will get a ticket. This taxi ticket can be given to any participating taxi and no additional fees will be charged after the ticket is exchanged.

General Cost of Transit

In summation, traveling in Kuala Lumpur is cost effective and expedient. Users of public transport should be aware of the services available to them for their convenience, as well as what services can enable them to travel at a low cost. Staying informed on what services provide the best rates and quickest travel times will ensure that travel expenses remain low for residents and travellers.


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