League of Toxicity: How Riot is Trying to Make a Less Hostile Playing Experience


League of Legends is the 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the MOBA world. It boasts more players, more fans, and more everything than any other massive online battle arena. However, all is not lollipops and rainbows on the battlefield. Many players curse and harass other players, use racist/sexist language, or help the other team because a player gets angry at his own team.

Opinion-League-Of-Legends-Tribunal-1The Tribunal

A reporting mechanism is in place that allows players to report those guilty of a number of no-nos. If a player is reported enough times over a certain amount of games, he/she may face the so-called “Tribunal”. The Tribunal decides whether to punish a player and what the punishment should be. While some players act nice after discipline by the tribunal, there are plenty who give the finger to whatever judgment is handed down.

ScreenShot2014-01-17at4.17.35PMUseless Blocking

Leaguers can “block” a player that used toxic language, trolled, or committed some other infraction. This is basically a useless function, though, as a blocked player may still end up on the team of someone who blocked him/her. Riot worries that if a player could be blocked from never ending up on the same team as the blocker, wait times for the games would be too long.

lol-team-builder-title-660x330A Potential Solution?

Despite their best efforts, Riot still has a lot of toxic gamers that ruin the game for others. In an attempt to end this problem, Riot is working towards making all games “Team Builder”. Team Builder is a mode that lets players pick their particular roles so that there is no arguing in character select as to who plays what. If a player wants to jungle, they will only wind up on teams that need a jungler, and so forth. While this may help to some degree, it will drastically change the game. In Team Builder mode there is no counter picking, which is a crucial element of the selection process.(1)

pnltuUseless Rewards

Another step Riot has taken is to give rewards to players who make nice, at least most of the time. These rewards take the form of a free champion or skin once a year. If Riot seriously thinks anybody is curbing their bad behavior in the hopes of winning these trivial prizes, they are deluding themselves.

The Only Real Fix

Being able to block a player from all future games is the only way to provide an actual amicable gameplay experience. While Riot worries that this would cost them money, their feeble attempts at lessening toxicity are pretty toothless. Hopefully Riot will keep one of the most popular online games in Malaysia a fun and exciting experience.

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