Hygiene and Toilets 101: Why Experts Recommend the Use of Water Instead of Tissue Paper


Wash or wipe? Some people in Malaysia and other parts of the globe ask that question after using the toilet. Which is the better option and what are the differences? Many experts often choose one: It’s to use water. Let’s explore the top 6 reasons they give so you know why washing with water is the better choice.1

  1. It’s more environmentally friendly Simply explained, use water to wash, save on paper, and eventually save the world. The number of trees that are cut down in order to make paper is crazy. Not to mention, there is already a huge problem with the world – global warming. IF reducing your carbon print is a priority, then this should motivate you.2
  2. Less expensive and less waste In order to make a roll of toilet paper, one uses about 2 KWH, over 30 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood. This is the kind of budgeting that developing nations such as Malaysia couldn’t afford. Water, on the other hand, is easily available.3
  3. It’s more efficient This can be best explained using an example. If someone decides to put a pile of steaming poop on your desk, would you wipe it off then continue with your day’s work or would you get yourself some water and soap? Well, water ensures that you get all the poop from your bum. Sure, a few squares of tissue afterward ensures you’re not a soggy mess down there, which is important, especially if you are prone to yeast or rash or you have to wear layers of clothes, which prevent you from drying out naturally.4
  4. Better hygiene Truth be told, wiping alone is a nasty business that was only used as an alternative when there was no pure water, and often, our hands and nails get in the way. If you don’t wash them properly, and they are used to prepare a meal, this could lead to bacterial infections or worse.Bladder infection word cloud concept
  5. Reduce bladder and vaginal infections Most toilet papers are white and hence could contain bleaches. Chlorine could irritate hemorrhoids or irritate the skin and cause serious health issues.Young beautiful woman in rubber gloves holding her nose
  6. Avoid the possibility of any lingering unpleasant smells Tissue gets rid of the color but not the smell; only water can do that.

We use water and soap to wash our hands and our clothes. But just a piece of paper to wipe our bums? This doesn’t make sense. One might feel weird or awkward at first, but washing with water is the best and safest method. That’s why there is a growing number of people in Malaysia using bidet toilet seats. It’s an easy and hygienic way to use water in washing. In addition, it’s a way to help the environment because we’re using fewer resources.

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