How to Spot a Fake Luxury Watch


There really is nothing like a luxury watch. It feels great, looks great and becomes a beautiful accept piece for the person wearing it. However, there are far too many places out there trying to sell replica luxury watches. Now, replicas are becoming harder and harder to spot, and the last thing you want to do is purchase a watch at full price, only to find out later it is not an authentic Tag Heuer or something else of that nature. So, before you go and purchase any luxury watches, it is a good idea to educate yourself on it subject of spotting fakes.


The Obvious

First of all, you need to look for the obvious. For starters, check the name and the logo. Any quality replica is going to not have any problem matching the spelling and the look. However, there are some that are rushed, or others that alter the spelling slightly simply to get by with any kind of forgery lawsuits (the name is spelled different so they can’t be hit with a lawsuit, or at least it makes it more difficult). Chances are though, unless you are on a corner stall where someone is hawking jewellery on the street, you’re not going to have this issue. 3Check the Finishing Touches

If the band is leather, check the stitching. Are there any loose threads? Maybe the stitching isn’t tight and straight. Look at the metal, does it have any spots on it? All of these are signed to products that are not built with quality in mind but instead quantity. Rush jobs may not have the best stitching or most accurate designs. If you don’t spend time looking at it, you might be taken for an inferior watch.

Weight is Everything

Luxury watches are heavy. The watch often feels much heavier than what you thought it would feel. Quality products are not light. Metal is going to be heavier than plastic. So, if the watch feels light, chances are the watch is not real. The head of the watch should have some heft to it. Luxury leather is not light either. It is heavier and has a nice look and often sheen to it. If the watch you are holding feels lighter than you expected, there is a good chance it is not real.


The Box

One area of a luxury watch that is often overlooked, not only by the person buying it but the makers, is the box. The box should be beautifully crafted. Luxury watch designers craft these boxes to go along with the beautiful watches. For individuals making imitation watches, this is just a wasted expense. Due to this, the quality materials are not used to create the box. Look at the box, feel it over. Does it look like something that would hold a watch that costs several thousand dollars? Does it feel high end? If you say no, chances are the box is fake, which means the watch is fake. Often times the box is the best way to go about looking for a fake.


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