How to Maintain Health and Safety in the Workplace in 5 Easy Ways


Employers are legally and ethically bound to keep employees safe in the workplace. Every year, hundreds and even thousands become injured or ill, or even die, while doing their job. Work-related accidents negatively impact families, and even the employers, so employers should stay on top to ensure safety in the workplace. These five ways are a good place to start in promoting health and safety in the workplace:1

  1. Creating a work hazard control plan. A work hazard control plan will let employers determine the various hazards present in the workplace and research effective measures to avoid accidents and ill health among employees. This plan is the starting point of all efforts towards a safe workplace.2
  2. Informing employees of ways to stay safe. Awareness is key in avoiding accidents, so informing employees of what they should do in order to stay safe is integral. Whether it be what to do in case of a fire or how to maintain a healthy posture for a desk job, employees should be educated on workplace health and safety. This can be done in small meetings, regular seminars, and written reminders posted in high-traffic areas of the office.3
  3. Regularly inspecting the office. Employers should also regularly check if equipment, tools, appliances, and gadgets are well maintained and functional. During these inspections, it is helpful to have a list of items to inspect, to ensure an efficient and thorough assessment of workplace safety.4
  4. Maintain air quality. Air quality is often one of the ignored aspects of workplace safety. An employee’s health and even work performance is highly affected by air quality, so there should always be indoor air comfort in the office. The temperature should not be too warm or too cold. Air conditioning units should always be checked for any issues, as they should always generate appropriate temperature levels. Maintaining indoor air comfort in the office is one of the simplest ways to avoid illness and to maximize productivity of employees.5
  5. Invite a third party occupational health officer for a site visit. Lastly, it is often wise to pursue an outsider opinion. Inviting an external occupational health expert can expose previously unseen hazards. It can also allow the employer and occupational safety officers of the company to learn more ways on how to promote health and safety in the workplace.

No one wants to hear reports of accidents or something worse on their watch. With these tips, maximizing health and safety in the workplace is easy and achievable.

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