How to Improve Your Cycling (Do It Like a Pro)

up hill mountain bike

It doesn’t matter if you are riding a mountain bike or an MTB. It doesn’t even matter if you are riding a 10k on your mountain bike in Malaysia, every rider needs to step up his/her game.

I am writing this content for every rider out there. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, you can still benefit from some of these helpful tips.


This goes for those of you who are riding in a race or just doing it as a hobby. Do you know how many accidents happen each year? These accidents happen all because people do not wear their helmets. Wear a helmet. If you don’t know which type to buy, speak to the sports guy in the mall. He can tell you which helmet is going to be best for you.

helmet for mountain bike


What sort of frame do you have? Figure your frame out before you go buying. You need a bike that works with you when you are standing and straddling. You need to be comfortable at each turn.

Take a look at where your handle bars are. Are they sitting one inch lower than your seat? they should be. Do not just ask the guy on the corner about this. Speak to someone who does this for a living. Sometimes it’s best to go talk to another rider. If it’s not going to fit your perfectly in every way, it’s not for you.


This bit of advice goes for anyone really, especially if you have not ridden your bike in a while. Begin slowly. Try some slow pedalling for 30 minutes. Do this on an even terrain. Do this for a few weeks. gradually build up to where you need to be. It will take some time. Do not rush it. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


ride mountain bike in attire
Here’s a hint, this is not the time to wear what you would be wearing to the spring formal. You need to dress for comfort. You do want to look stylish, but comfort is going to be your number one concern. Lots of men and women wear sweats in the fall and winter. During the summer they wear bike shorts and t-shirts. If it’s going to be rainy out, dress for that. Add extra layers when it gets colder out.

When it comes to the bike shorts, the seams should not be in the crotch. You need material that will handle the sweat. Talk to someone in a sporting goods store. This is a sport, you need to treat it as such.


This is always a sticky subject for some of you. The idea is not to get yourself killed. Most accidents happen between 6-9 pm. If you are going to go out during this time, wear bright colors. This is especially true for those of you choosing to ride near traffic.

You will also need to get protection for your bike. Get a light for your bike. It is nothing fancy, you just need a small strobe light to let people know you are there.


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