How to Eat Out When You’re a Raw Vegan

In our modern market, it’s easier than ever to make poor choices when it comes to our diet and overall health. It takes discipline and clearly defined goals in order to overcome the many temptations that lie around every corner. The choice to become a raw vegan is one that offers a variety of benefits such as a boost in the immune system and a decreased chance of developing certain cancers.

The idea of veganism is not new. In fact, there have been numerous people in the distant past who have recognized the vast benefits including Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. However, they weren’t tempted with fast food restaurants and processed foods infiltrating the supermarket shelves. You don’t have to limit yourself to carefully-prepare, home-cooked meals, however. It is possible to maintain your diet when eating out when you follow a few helpful tips.


Seek Out Likeminded Establishments
Do your homework when your are unfamiliar with local vegan availability.


Seek Out Likeminded Establishments

A great way to maintain veganism on the go is to seek out restaurants that cater to your lifestyle. This can be done easily from your computer. Websites such as Happy Cow will tell you the nearest vegan restaurants as well as provide you reviews of the various results. This can prove especially helpful if you’re traveling and unfamiliar with local vegan availability. You can also ask your social media friends if they’re familiar with any vegan-friendly establishments in your area.


Raw Vegan



Plan Your Dinner Outings

Preparation is key. Before going out to dinner, obtain a copy of the menu ahead of time. This can be done easily online. Take the time to review the menu in private, and carefully weigh your options. You can pinpoint their vegetable-only menu items or those that can be modified easily.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to call the restaurant to ask questions. If you’re having trouble finding meal items that will accommodate you, ask the manager if they can prepare something for you. If they value your business, they’ll be happy to help.


What I Eat in a Day…FullyRaw Vegan Style!


Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic restaurants often feature a number of menu items that fulfill a vegan diet. Asian entrees such as sesame rice and adzuki bean cakes with miso sauce or baked tofu salad with broccoli and pineapple are both delicious and a delightful change for the palate. Best of all, you can find new recipes to add to your arsenal at home.



Be Proactive
Let your voice be heard on online forums!


Be Proactive

Today, it’s easier than ever to voice your opinion. Whether you have a terrible experience where there were no accommodations made or a great one, let you voice be heard on online forums. The more people who open up, the more likely restaurants will make options available to the growing vegan population.

Healthier life
Maintaining a vegan diet lead to you to a healthy life.


The Road to a Healthier You

The benefits of maintaining a vegan diet are numerous, and sticking to this type of diet can help you better enjoy the only life you have to live. Adjusting to this lifestyle can prove challenging, but, it only takes about four weeks for actions to become habitual. By following these tips, you can be on the road to a healthier you on a viable diet you can stick with in a world full of temptation.

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