How to Eat in a Restaurant Like a Raw Vegan

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While the vegan diet is becoming rapidly more popular due to the myriad amount of benefits, it is still quite niche. Likely, then, a vegan won’t have many friends or family members who hold the same dietary restrictions, but that shouldn’t have to preclude your opportunities at dining out with your loved ones. And, truly, it doesn’t have to if you possess good information; many restaurants will have a variety of food that can fit in you raw vegan diet. Following, you’ll find out exactly how you can maintain your diet and your lifestyle at the same time. SaladBar

A Phone Call Goes a Long Way

The most proactive way to eat in a restaurant as a vegan is to call whatever restaurant you’re planning to visit ahead of time. Ask them if they can accommodate your diet and many will reply positively, especially the larger restaurants that have a large supply of different fruits and vegetables. Also, many restaurants have their menus posted online nowadays so you can have a little heads-up. Otherwise, you can accommodate yourself with a buffet style restaurant. Almost all of them have salad bars and, even better, it is all you can eat.

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If Not Sure, Just Ask!

If you’re already at the restaurant, then feel free to speak to your waiter about our dietary restrictions. Often, they’ll have dealt with those on a raw food diet before and will be able to discuss which menu items you can modify to your benefit. Additionally, they can point you to items on the menu that do not need to be modified such as cold soups.

Then there is always the option of bringing your own materials to combine with the restaurant’s raw foods. You can bring some salad dressing from home, without all the excitotoxins and preservatives says is pumped into the restaurant dressings. Also, try taking with you your homemade raw hummus and fresh avocado, both wonderful additions to any meal. Moreover, they can serve as your appetizers as you and your friends wait for your main courses.

Likely, your friends and family think a raw diet is a whole lot of hard work, but as seen above it only takes a little bit of time to figure out how to eat in a way that leads to a healthier and happier life while not sacrificing any social time with others. All your meals don’t have to be eaten at home, alone. Indeed – by following the aforementioned tips – you can dine out with your friends and family whenever you desire.

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