Due to the metabolic reactions in the body, sweating is important to extract the unwanted products from the body. However, excessive sweating also referred to as hyperhidrosis is commonly reported among people. Victims of hyperhidrosis suffer from humiliation and low self-esteem due to the tremendous sweating. Underarms, sweaty palms, and feet are the parts of the body the condition adversely affect. Hyperhidrosis treatment is, therefore, an option that people seek to get their sweat glands controlled. The following are some tips on how to control the excessive sweating.


Use antiperspirant 
This is the basic way to deal with sweating in excess. Many people first try the antiperspirants to reduce the body odour. Aluminum chloride and pentapeptide are the ingredients in these products which tend to form a layer that clogs the sweat pores thus reduced sweating rate. If this option is not satisfactory, choose iontophoresis therapy.


Iontophoresis therapy 
This is an advanced technological to help people with hyperhidrosis where hands and feet are passed through a mild electric current. The electric current and ions in water end to thicken the epidermis and drastically reducing the sweat flow.

The right wears 
If one is experiencing sweaty feet or underarms, the type of clothes and shoes that one wears is an aspect of putting into consideration. Sweat protect undershirts are available for both men and women. They ensure that the sweat is absorbed, and the resulting sweat order is minimized. The sweat protect shoes insoles are also highly recommended for a person having sweaty feet as they also soak up the sweat. The socks fabric is also a factor to consider when purchasing the socks. One should buy those that have silver fiber with the antimicrobial and odour traits.
Botox injections 
This is a newer treatment for hyperhidrosis where an injection is given to the affected body part including underarms, hands, feet and the face. Statistics show that they are approximately 87% effective in the rate the sweating occurs. It has a long- term effect compared to other treatment options and perpetual Botox injections can give long-lasting relief to the victims.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) surgery 
This is the least appropriate treatment option to consider. However, unsuccessful hyperhidrosis control, medical professionals advise one to give the surgery a trial. Some side effects of this option include extreme hypotension, heat intolerance and an abnormal sweating all over the body.
These tips are essential if one wants to control their sweating problem. Before attempting any procedure, one should seek medical advice so as to have a positive outcome. Hyperhidrosis is just a condition which should not limit one from living an ordinary life. Therefore, helping a victim of hyperhidrosis boost their self-esteem and should not be isolated.


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