Great Advice That Will Benefit New RuneScape 3 Players


RuneScape originally launched in 2001, which makes it one of the longest-running MMORPGs online. Developed and published by Jagex, the game still boasts a vibrant online community that welcomes new blood, and with them in mind, here’s some great advice that every RS3 player should heed.

Three is RuneScape 1 and 2 Too 

The game that launched way back in 2001 is the same game people still play today. In addition to new content on a regular basis, the game has undergone two major evolutions. The name changed to RuneScape 2 after the first evolution and then RuneScape 3 after the second. They’re still the same game, however, and products sold them for them are interchangeable.
Use Prepaid Cards for Membership 

RuneScape 3 has transitioned to a free-to-play game. While there’s a wealth of content available to the F2P member, there are locations, skills, enemies and other objects locked behind a paywall. You can opt to buy this additional content in packages, but if you’re invested enough to pay, a subscription is a better value. In fact, RuneScape prepaid card codes may be the best value of all because Jagex often sells them to retailers at a discount, and those stores can then pass those savings on to consumers.
Some Membership Cards Offer Added Benefits 

Subscription cards are either sold as prepaid time or as prepaid money that you can convert into time or other items in the RS store. Default codes simply contain their face value, but as you buy cards in larger amounts of time and currency, Jagex throws in gifts, such as RuneCoins and in-game attire. Gamers can go to for more information about the special codes that are available.

Purchase RuneCoins to Expand Your Experience 

As a quasi-F2P game, the RS experience depends heavily on microtransactions. If you’re a subscribed member, you get an allotment of in-game currency to use every month in addition to the content that comes with the base F2P game and the extended subscriber game. If you want additional currency to spend in the in-game store, you can purchase RuneCoins, which are available either directly through Jagex or as RuneScape prepaid card codes.

Opt for Prepaid over Direct RuneCoins 

RS3 players can go to for more information about coin prices. These are often available at a discount or with certain benefits that make purchasing codes a better deal than buying direct through Jagex. Note that some sites sell RS gold, but these types of sales aren’t condoned by Jagex, and the transition to RuneCoins was in large part an effort to make gold buying and selling not worthwhile.

Becoming a Better RS3 Player 

RuneScape can seem intimidating at first, but you’ll overcome that with time. The best advice we can give a new player is to watch for outdated information. The game has changed a lot in 15 years, and some abandoned websites feature information from RS1 and RS2.


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