Getting Chapped Lips? Here are 5 Common Causes and How to Effectively Deal with Them

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Your lips determine the quality of your smile. Yet, like many people in Malaysia, you likely are in a constant battle with chapped lips, due to changing weather conditions and sun exposure. Because your lips don’t contain natural oils like your skin does, your lips are prone to drying out and chapping.

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to prevent chapped lips and make your smile more appealing. If chapped lips are a constant problem for you, here are five of the most common causes and what you can do to counteract them and ensure your smile is as beautiful as possible.

  1. Taking Too Much Vitamin. A While supplemental vitamins can be healthful, too much vitamin A can make your lips become chapped and peel. You should not take more than 25,000 IU of vitamin A each day to prevent your lips from becoming dried out and chapped.
  2. Not Enough Water. Most people in modern societies are used to walking around in a state of semi-dehydration, due to intake of caffeinated drinks and other diuretic substances. When your body doesn’t have enough water, neither do your lips, and they become chapped much faster. Ensuring you drink a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated will help.
  3. Eating Acidic Foods. Many types of food contain acids that can damage your lips. Tomato sauce, citrus fruits, and other foods that have high levels of acid can ruin your lips. Moderating your intake of acidic foods can help prevent chapped lips as well. You can also wipe your mouth with a damp cloth to help remove acidic elements after each bite of food.
  4. Breathing. Through Your Mouth Sometimes, you find yourself breathing through your mouth rather than your nose, like when you have a sinus cold and are stuffed up. When you breathe through your mouth, your lips are exposed to the dry air. That will dry them out and cause your lips to become chapped. Eliminating as much breathing via your mouth as possible will help to keep your lips in great condition.
  5. Lacking Sunblock. Your lips are exposed to the sun like the rest of your face. Yet, many people do not use a moisturizing lip balm that contains sunblock, and that is a mistake. You need to keep your lips moist with balm, but you also need one that contains sunblock. You can also apply a small amount of sunblock to your lips if you don’t have a balm available that contains it. But, the best solution is to ensure your favorite moisturizing lip balm contains sunblock, so that the sun won’t have a debilitating effect on your lips.

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Like many others, you likely make several of the most common causes of chapped lips. Worse still, you might not have been aware of the damage you cause to your lips via your daily routine. Fortunately, a few simple modifications to your daily routine and the items you use to protect your lips can turn your dry, chapped lips into vibrant, lovely lips that truly enhance your smile and appearance.

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