Five Reasons to Come Back to Azeroth with Legion


This year, doom will come to both the Alliance and the Horde as the Burning Legion returns and it brings with it, Sargeras, the Ravager of Worlds! Legion marks the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft taking place after Warlords of Draenor and opens up a dire new chapter for WoW players to come back to Azeroth. With the introduction of a new class and new artifacts, returning to the WoW game brings new excitement and challenges for players.


The latest expansion will take place after the events of Warlords of Draenor and will return WoW’s mightiest heroes back to the land of Azeroth to fend off the third invasion by the Burning Legion. Players will find themselves racing against time looking for the fabled Pillars of Creation believed lost forever on the Broken Isles. They must face off against the powerful orc warlord Gul’dan once again and find out the secrets he keeps about the mysterious Burning Legion, an army that has grown larger and stronger than any invasion in the history of Azeroth.


When it comes to playing WoW, players love the release of a new expansion and the new features that come to their favorite game. With the use of a WoW time card, players can get in on the action now in anticipation of the coming release. Here are a few features that are coming with WoW’s sixth expansion Legion:



  • The level cap will be raised to 110 and to help the heroes prepare for the invasion WoW: Legion will allow one free character boost to level 100 which includes any newly created character.


  • A new hero class called the Demon Hunter. This class, similar to the one from Diablo, will be a melee hero that can turn into demonic forms during combat.


  • The introduction of the Honor System. A new ranking system which will not only offer new ranks and bonuses but also PvP-specific abilities to use against opposing factions.


  • New Class Order Halls and Class Orders. Recruit NPCs to your class order and send them on specific missions for fame and glory.


  • A new continent named the Broken Isles. A place of mystery and secrets, this island chain brings forth twisted fragments of the Emerald Nightmare and players will not only square off against the hordes of the Burning Legion but also twisted versions of a lost night elf civilization.



The Broken Isle will be new content for players over level 100 and will offer new dungeons like Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket. New raids will feature a trip into the Emerald Nightmare and battles within Suramar Palace. One of the most interesting new features of Legion will be the introduction of legendary Artifacts, 36 specialized weapons that are customizable and have their own ability trees.

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