Faster Career Success – 6 High-Demand Jobs In Malaysia With Fewer College Years To Spend

There are several considerations why an individual would prefer to spend fewer years in college. If you are in Malaysia and there is a need for you to join the workforce early, you can take the shorter route by enrolling in courses that will earn you a diploma. You can take Diploma programs as pre-requisite that will instantly qualify you to apply for different jobs available in Malaysia. This could be your stepping stone to earn your keep while preparing to pursue higher education.

It is advised that before you enroll in a Diploma course, you would have a definite answer to that often familiar question of, “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” But before you cross the bridge to reach your destination, you have to take the Diploma course of your choice. On the average, the courses have a time frame of 24 to 36 months with compulsory internship or training for some of them.

The Diploma structure in Malaysia affords people with financial limitations to enter the workforce. Let us look at some of the industry sectors with high-demand jobs and a brief job description for each. Check any that is best suited to your qualifications.

  1. Engineering Assistant (Industry: Manufacturing / Production) – To carry out maintenance and troubleshooting of facility equipment like boiler, cold room, chiller, cooling tower, air compressor etc. and also to carry out troubleshooting works related to all electrical installations. If you have a Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, this job is suitable for you.Engineering Assistant is to carry out maintenance jobs and troubleshooting of facility equipment
  2. Handyman (Facilities Maintenance / Industry: Property/Real Estate) – Tasked to do troubleshooting and to provide hands-on assistance to perform rectification for any issues regarding the building structure. In addition, to provide a fast response time to any building structure issues that may arise.
  3. Bartender & Barista (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Chiefly performs bartending duties and calibration of espresso machine and grinder. This is one of the high-demand jobs with the proliferation of lifestyle restaurant and bars in the booming food & beverage industry.Bartender and Barista chiefly performs their maintenance duties and calibration of machine and grinder
  4. Hotel and Restaurant Staff (Hotel / Industry: Hospitality) – Performs the function of a hotel front liner to receive hotel guests. Required to have a good command of the English language and must be responsible, mature, and computer literate.
  5. Kitchen Crew (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Mainly responsible for assisting the chef in the proper preparation of dishes subject to restaurant standards. Must be able to follow health and safety regulations by ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas. A Diploma in Business Management will come in handy for you.Kitchen crew must ensuring and maintaining cleanliness of work areas
  6. IT Executive (Industry: Food & Beverage) – Provide first-level support for IT operations including IT systems and hardware equipment. Also responsible for assisting in technical areas of system development and support projects. Ideal for people with strong inclinations to information technology.

The Diploma program will give you the needed exposure in practical and specific skills depending on your industry of choice. Diploma courses are being offered in various fields such as Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Hotel Management to name a few.  As a final word of advice, do not underestimate the maintenance jobs in Malaysia. Most lucky breaks are found in unlikely places. One opportunity leads to another and your next job might lead you to more promising opportunities.

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