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Kota Kinabalu is continuously growing as a city. More restaurants are popping up, you can look up online or through your travel agent for the newest restaurants. However the best way to find a great restaurant for what you are craving is to ask the locals. It is a coastal city with rainforest and beaches with waterfronts. There is plenty for visitors to do while in Kota Kinabalu with all the natural attractions. There is scuba and snorkelling, wildlife reserves, markets, tours and a railway just to name a few. When the sun starts to set there is one favourite thing to do for visitors which is the waterfront and boardwalk. The boardwalk is loaded with many eateries, café’s and pubs. The delectable smells waffling in the air will make you choice of where and what to eat quite hard, because it’s all so good.


There is a melting pot of culture. Spanning from Malay, Japanese, Western to Cantonese. Of course being a coastal city there is lots of restaurants with seafood style eats, however there are western styled restaurants to enjoy as well. Such as El Centro, The B Side, The Glass Bar and Grill, The Chub’s Grill, Upperstar Grill and Bar, just to name a few. Finding a western restaurant in Kota Kinabalu isn’t as hard as one may think.

One of the higher rated restaurants is El Centro. This cosy restaurants and bar features a varied menu. An internationally inspired food on the menu and they add a twist by adding a bit of the local flavours. Some of the melting pot of flavours would be Chinese, Malays, Bruneis, Javanese, Filipino, Western and European. There is also Kota Kinabalu local food available at high end restaurants. There are many specialties offered. One highly mentioned delicacy is the grilled string ray. SEDCO Square is a popular eating spot, for both locals and visitors. SEDCO Square has a huge variety of freshly caught seafood. Most of the higher end seafood restaurants sit along the coastline, which gives you a nice view while you enjoy your meal.


KK Waterfront along the beach is the hot spot to grab a drink. There are large popular night club type bars but there is also the smaller bars for a more relaxing intimate time. The large night club type bars usually have a live band playing and even host karaoke nights. Another popular drinking spot for both locals and visitors would be coffee shops.

So whether you are looking for something new to try such as the local seafood delicacies or you want a chicken parmesans sandwich with fries, Kota Kinabalu will have something for your tummy to enjoy. Most restaurants are highly rated and highly reviewed. What most people say they like the most about the restaurants, cafes, and bars is the waterfront view from which they sit. So when you are in Kota Kinabalu, stop by and enjoy some of the mouth watering food just waiting for you.


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