Cycling Tips That Everyone Riding a Bike Should Know About


Cycling might seem like an easy hobby or type of exercise. The reality is that you need to have some knowledge about the proper way to use a bike in order to get the most from the experience. If you do things wrong while cycling, then you could be injured or get into an accident. Here are some tips that every cyclist should know when riding a bike.


Take Time to Adjust the Saddle 

The first tip everyone should know is to take time to adjust your bike saddle to fit your body dimensions. A saddle in the wrong position can make riding your bike for any length of time very unpleasant. It can also potentially lead to injuries. The best way to do this is by following the instructions in the bike manual exactly. You could also just visit a professional cycling shop and ask someone to adjust it for you.


Wear the Right Shirt and Shorts 

Wearing the right cycling shirt and shorts is critical. Baggy or heavy clothes can become caught in the bike gears or cause you to sweat unnecessarily. A good cycling jersey will make you more aerodynamic. It also wicks away moisture and allows your skin to breathe. Cycling shorts help to support your muscles. Cycling shorts will not catch in the gears either.


Learn To Maintain and Repair Your Bike 

You want to study your bike and the accompanying manual to learn the proper way to maintain and repair it. You never know when your bike might break down on the road. You will also need to tune your bike regularly to get the best performance. Learn how to repair flat tires, fix popped chains and tune the gears. Get the tools you need to do this and carry them with you whenever you go cycling.

Switch to Clipless Pedals 

You will want to switch to clipless pedals as soon as you can to improve your cycling experience. Clipless pedals will attach to nearly any bike. They are accompanied by cleats that you secure to your cycling shoes. Clipless pedals lock your feet to surface without straps or anything else. They allow you to get maximum power every time you push down with minimal strain on your muscles. They are also safer than other types of pedals.

Refine Your Brakes for Control 

A final tip is to refine your brakes to make the bike easier to control. You want to make certain that the brakes can be easily reached by your fingers and hands. Ensure you can easily pull the brakes back to different degrees without fighting against the mechanisms inside. This is going to improve your safety while cycling and increase the amount of control you have especially when moving fast.

You do not want to take anything for granted when cycling. Small oversights or mistakes can have big consequences once you are cycling on busy streets or moving very fast. Following these tips will help you to be a better cyclist and avoid common problems.


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