Cycling tips: Smart Ways to Use Gears



Road cycling advocates active and healthy living but it doesn’t come in a silver platter. Skills are necessary, and the more engaged you become, the more insistent you’ll likely be in your knacks and mastery.


Being adept in changing your bike gears is among your basics. Whether you’re with a mountain bike or a specialized road bike, gears are part of the show. Gears are indispensable to speed up when in smooth roads and to power up when in steep rocky climbs, but these mechanical wonders need much of your attention.


Maximize your benefits from these bike gears through the following tips.


  1. Practice. Newbies, including those with new or changed bikes, have to get used to how gears change. It requires time, but is definitely worth it! The more rides you have, the more chances you get to use your bike gears a lot.


In a fairly quiet path, try shifting up and down, for front and back alike, until changing gears becomes almost instinctive. Remember that a steep climb may immediately need a quick shifting! You just can’t get far away without the skill.

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  1. Know the bike’s lever controls. Bikes normally have two gear cog sets. The chain rings, which comprised the front set, get the shift from a derailleur controlled by the shifter at your left. The rear cogs, commonly known as sprockets, can be shifted using the right gear lever.


  1. Avoid using extreme ends of the bike gears. Don’t get tempted with staying on just one chain ring and just shifting the rear gears. These cogs are prone for too much stretching and over time, they become deformed. Both chain and gears may wear out and may need costly repairs.


  1. Anticipate the hill. Steep roads may result in too hard gears halfway and a failure to pedal without the needed anticipation. You might just get off and walk in this case.


The best way is to prepare changing your bike’s gears as soon as the loop begins. Almost always, the shift to the easiest gear is the cue that your way up won’t be as difficult as it seems.


  1. Use the bike’s lever controls strategically. It is usually faster to use the left shifter when approaching a hill. The front gears get the easier shift most times. Use the rear gears through the right shifter to fine tune.


These super quick tips will help you get to grips. Learn how to shift your bike gears smartly and see how fun your ride will be. Just spend enough time. It’s a must.

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