Cosmetic And Aesthetic Beauty Trends: Five Botox Myths Debunked

Beauty will always be a part of the lives of people across the globe. The truth is, being aesthetically pleasant is something everyone wants to achieve. That is why the demand for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures continue to increase worldwide.


In the United States alone, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual report says that a total of 15.9 million procedures, both intensive and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, were performed in 2015. The rate increased by 2 percent since 2014.


One of the most commonly sought after cosmetic procedures is Botox injection. The demand for botulinum toxin injections including Botox, surpassed 4 million procedures performed in 2015 alone.


What Is Botox?


Derived from the botulinum toxin type A, Botox is a brand name for a highly-purified preparation of botulinum. It’s used in various cosmetic and medical applications. The main purpose of this procedure in cosmetics is to reduce and remove wrinkles, eventually making the skin young-looking again.


If you are wondering who are the ones injecting Botox, doctors practicing cosmetic surgery and dermatology are trained and skilled to perform this procedure. An increasing number of patients opt to find an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, who is reputable and well-versed in this line of expertise.


Five Botox Myths Debunked


  1. Botox Is Poisonous

It is a common myth that the Botox injection is actually poison. While botulinum is toxic, it is highly poisonous, in small doses it is considered safe to use. In fact, Botox is used in a wide range of medical applications aside from its cosmetic use.


  1. Botox Will Remove Facial Expressions


Rumor has it that when a person gets a Botox injection, he or she won’t be able to show any facial expression. Well, sorry to burst the bubble, but Botox injections, when done properly by a professional, will allow the client to express emotions.


  1. Botox Injections Are Forever


Botox injections are temporary remedies for wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, an injection usually lasts for five months and it some cases, it can last for up to eight months.


  1. Botox Treatment Is Extremely Painful

Any injection can hurt but the needs used for Botox injections are so small, that pain is just minimal. The treatment involves the application of a topical anesthetic cream prior to the injection.


  1. Botox Injection Treatment’s Recovery Time May Take Days


The administration of Botox injections are not painful and as soon as the procedure is done, the client can return to normal activities in a couple of hours.


Botox injections are becoming popular by the minute because of its wide range of uses both in the medical field and in the world of cosmetics. It curbs the premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles in both men and women, making them young-looking and fresh.


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